Tuesday, March 25, 2008

THE Bracelet!

Most of you already know that Eden is a girly girl! She loves dresses and jewelry, hair bows and fancy shoes. I have no idea how this happens at such a young age, but Eden is proof it can be a reality! One afternoon, we were playing in her room, when Griffin dropped his "Caleb bracelet" on the ground. She quickly ran over to it, determined to get it before her big brother. She succeeded!

Then came the task of trying to figure out exactly how to get it on.
It took a few minutes, but she figured it out!

She wore that bracelet all afternoon long, refusing to give it up! I thought it was super precious!
Here's one more adorable pic from that afternoon of playing! She was sporting some rosy cheeks that day too!

Noles' Visitors

I know this is going to be completely out of order, but I wanted to post these pictures because I just thought they were so cute! Friday afternoon, the FSU BCM Director and his family made a stop by our house on their way back to Seminole Country. Eden immediately took to all 3 of them! She crawled up in Rachel's lap time and time again to hug her! I missed almost every one of these sweet moments running for the camera! But, I did manage to catch a few "action" shots of Eden playing with Lee and Amy! She (and the boys) had such a blast and it was great for us to be able to spend a little time with them too!

Sneaky Little Thing!

Sunday afternoon, I started to "miss Griffin." I wondered where in the world he had gone, especially since he was sooo quiet! This is how I found him!! On the couch, digging into his chocolate!

Notice his hand in the bag! He was going for some more!!
Doesn't this face say it all?!

The Great Egg Hunt!

All the Easter festivities at church left Eden exhausted. This is how she fell asleep. I thought it was pretty adorable that she had cuddled up with her baby!

After nap time, we got all the little ones up for an Easter Egg hunt. Eden would have nothing to do with the basket or the hidden treasures! She merely wanted to carry around her keys... and watch her wild brothers!

Here are the boys racing for another find!

Griffin was serious about the egg hunting! He had a little practice with his Sunday School class, so he wasn't letting anything (or anyone) stop him! :-)

Griffin and Eden going for the same egg- uh oh!
The end results...

The boys counting their findings...

While the boys begged for us to hide the eggs again, Eden was more concerned with asking for a snack. So, we brought her high chair outside so she could enjoy her fruit while the boys started the search all over again.
I took this pic of Eden's sweet feet in her Easter sandals, but couldn't decide which I liked better- the black and white or the color. I am truly a sucker for little toes!

See what I mean?!
The boys decided at the last minute that they wanted to hide the eggs for their Daddy. Above is Griffin's idea of "hiding!" Creative right?! :-)
I messed with Rahul because he selected the pink basket to collect his eggs!
In the end, the boys joined in on the race with Rahul. Not quite as fair, since they knew all the secret hiding places, but fun nonetheless!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter is one of my favorite Sunday's of the year! I love celebrating our Risen Savior, I enjoy all of the prep that comes before- like reading the Story of Easter to my children and of course, I adore dressing them all up for church! This Easter, Collin woke up quite sick. He was actually up almost all night long so we knew he was going to have stay put and rest. Rahul volunteered to be Dr. Dad, so that I could go to the service with some of my family and with Griffin and Eden. He was able to attend the Late Nite service at our church that evening. It was a great day, despite the sickness. We were able to celebrate, spend time with family and remember the sacrifice the Lord made for us. Our pastor showed a powerful movie clip that really helped me gain a greater perspective about God willingly giving up His only Son. It moved me beyond comprehension! I pray your Easter was filled with that same awe, as you spent time reflecting on the joyous news- Jesus is alive!
Without further ado, here are our Easter pictures!
Eden looking so sweet!

She was so expressive!
I loved the back of her dress!
She enjoyed carrying this pink bunny all over the place. She truly thought that basket was a purse!

Eden and Mommy- Rahul missed this "dressing up opportunity" since he had to stay home with Collin! :-(
Griffin has developed this silly face that he makes every time I pull out the camera now!
My mom and I had to work to get this smile!

He enjoyed his Easter basket and eggs!

A quick shot with Mommy!
Ok, so these pictures are a little confusing. I've told you all that Collin was sick, and he was. But for some reason, the thought of getting dressed and walking outside, really perked him up. Although he still had a fever and could barely breathe, these pictures show no signs of illness! Amazing!
This was a little of that 4 year old attitude shining through I suppose!
Great smiles!

Another snuggle with Mommy!