Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I can not say "WOW!" enough times at the amazing things God has done as a result of the last blog post! I am still responding to emails from dear friends and even strangers who have come across this post and are full of questions, prayer requests and affirmations that the Lord is working in the lives of many young married couples on this particular issue. It has been incredible to see His hand moving in hearts and marriages! For those still awaiting a response, I promise, it's coming! Thank you to each one who has continued the discussion, started to research on their own or left a comment from their heart. I know that God is not done with this topic by any means!!

I did want to share with you something else that's really exciting! Today, the USF Oracle, the campus newspaper, featured an interview with Rahul and one of our interns regarding life and ministry. To have an article in the university newspaper that discusses a topic like this is pretty amazing. You can read it by clicking here!

I'll be posting more pics and more info on Baby 4 later this week!

Keep checking back!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Whoo hoo!!
How fun!!
I can't wait to hear more about awesome baby #4!!!

I love the word "wow". Aashini says it about 100 times a day now :) so it made me smile when your post was titled that ;)

6:33 PM


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