Thursday, July 03, 2008

113 Years?

I once heard this story about some girls who thought it had been 113 years since their parents had been out to a movie! That just didn't seem right! So, we had the pleasure of spending the evening with Abbie and Allie while their parents enjoyed a well deserved date night!

I'm starting off the post with my favorite picture from the evening, one of the three girls all cuddling up together. Aren't they so sweet? It's funny how girls just kind of gravitate towards one another. Eden started playing and following them around almost instantly. They were playing with babies and bunnies, pushing shopping carts and doing all kinds of girly things. It was great for Eden, who was no longer "forced to play" with boy toys! :-)

Now, here's how the rest of our evening went...

We started off by making some Very Hungry Caterpillar Books. In my mind, it was a great idea, (especially because I knew it would be a safe activity for Allie), but put 4 kids all at varying skill levels to the table for one project and it can be one crazy experience! I think Griffin ended up illustrating his book, but never actually nailing down the storyline. Oh well, they all seemed to have a blast!

Eden started saying "Abbie" while the girls were here, so this picture is fitting. Don't worry, Abbie wasn't even close to dropping Eden. (I promise Renee!) She was well supervised and in all truthfulness, Eden was only about an inch off the floor!
Next, it was time to make homemade, individual pizzas.

Allie really loves her cheese!

While the pizzas were baking, we passed the time by making butterfly sugar cookies- remember we made caterpillar books?!
Griffin actually got into the pizza making process a little late, since he was still cleaning up a puzzle mess, so he was working his Italian magic, while Abbie was perfecting her baking skills!
Renee, you should know, they totally bragged on what a great cookie maker you are!
But eventually, Griffin got his turn!!
He loved it! Can you tell from that smile?
The kiddos went nuts with the sprinkles! They turned out to be beautiful butterfly cookies though, with all those layers of sugary crystals!
Collin wanted to show off his multi colored creation too! I have no idea how he ended up with black sprinkles on one of those, but I should have known they might be a little "dangerous!"
Still trying to convince the girls there was simply no more room on the cookies for sprinkles!
The big taste test....
Look at that face!
I told you black sprinkles were "dangerous!"
Check out the bottom of the pan when all was said and done!

After some cleaning up, it was Wii time! Just imagine the combination of sugar and video games! Whew! I was exhausted! :-)

We have been so blessed to meet some pretty special families since we moved to the area and the Blains are one of them! Their love, strength and passion for our Lord never ceases to amaze us! Renee pours into Collin on Sundays and he comes home singing and talking about all he has learned from her. The boys adore Abbie and Allie and Eden just loves having girly company!
We are so thankful that Allie and Abbie got to spend some time with us just hanging out and having fun!

Wally and Renee, please don't wait another 113 years to have a date! Our doors are always open for your sweet girls to come and play while you escape for awhile! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Thanks to Bill too, who was the official "photographer" for all the messy projects! I still have no idea how you managed to stay clear from all the flour!


Blogger Heather Henderson said...

That is such a great idea! You must have been moving non-stop. I can't believe you were able to make books, pizza and cookies all in the amount of time it took for their parents to watch a movie! You really are SUPER MOM!!

11:22 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

WHOA! That sounds like a lot of fun!! I want to make a little pizza and sugar cookies!!! Awesome! you're so cool!!

1:59 AM


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