Thursday, July 03, 2008

Callie's Boz Party

Rob was a good friend of Rahul's in Tallahassee and he and his sweet family live just down the road from us! Just the other weekend, their little girl celebrated her birthday Boz style! My boys, especially Griffin love Boz and they were so excited to go! There were carnival games, but because of the horrible rain storm, they ended up inside. What a blast the boys and Eden had playing with all the children. I took only a few pics though because when there's a house full of little ones, a mom must be a mom! :-) Carrie setting up the ring toss while the little ones patiently wait.
Collin figuring out his strategy!

The birthday girl enjoying her cake! It was finger licking good!
Kudos to Rob and Carrie who handled all those little ones underfoot with patience and joy!
What a fun day!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Cool! Looks like fun! But I guess I'm a little out of it because I don't know what Boz is :) haha!

2:28 AM


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