Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Daily Stuff!

Almost every day, I'm running for the camera trying to catch something silly my kids are doing. They aren't always the best pictures, but they usually capture the best moments! So, I decided to show you a few of those from the "daily grind" here at the Agarwal house!

These pics came about because Eden wanted to wear her new shoes. Since they hadn't been worn outside yet, I agreed. Yes, she picked out the multi colored socks (in other words, ones that didn't exactly match). The funny part is that as soon as the shoes were on, she thought we needed to go somewhere. She ran and found this purse in our bedroom and then began gathering up some things to take on her journey. I laughed that she was concerned about the fire engine and the block, not just the baby.
In the end however, the baby did win out! Yep, she was ready for a day on the town!
One afternoon, Collin walked out of his room with a book and his magna doodle, informing me that he had homework to complete. Homework? I have no idea where this came from, but within a few minutes I found him like this in the living room... Practicing his writing skills by copying word for word his library book, A Nap in a Lap.
Hmmm... maybe I'll pull out these pictures when he's 15 and complaining about homework being "boring and a waste of time!"
Then there was the day I needed to do the dishes and laundry without kids underfoot. I thought I would let them paint some cards to pass the time. When I heard Griffin say, "I'm going to do my handprint" I should have been alarmed!
30 seconds later, this was the result- they went far beyond handprints and decided only the entire arm would do! Thank goodness for washable paint!

Finally, one evening Eden was so tired she just couldn't make it through her dinner. She had however, indulged in her vanilla soy milk (since she refuses to drink regular milk) and apparently that's all she needed to send her peacefully to sleep. So sweet!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Collin's magna doodle "homework" is one of the greatest things I've seen in a long time. Your kiddos are so fun... and I'm sure it's because they have fun parents!

7:12 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

I LOVE the homework thing too! Awesome! GREAT pics! these are awesome! Love the handprint idea - haha!

2:33 AM


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