Thursday, July 03, 2008

Father's Day - The Real Deal!

I think one of the most fun things about Father's Day, besides celebrating Rahul, is seeing what creative things the kids and I can come up with to help make the day great. This year, we started a new tradition. I took each of the kiddos pics and we made several pages in a scrapbook, adding a hand print and an interview that I had with each of them individually. (Actually, this year, I just interviewed the boys, I don't think Eden's answers would have been clear enough for me to record!) Each year we will add a new pic, new handprint and new interview! I think it will be a neat way for Rahul to watch his children grow and to see the impression he is having on their lives.
The boys wanted to decorate the wrapping paper for their daddy. Collin drew a computer on it and Griffin made a roller coaster. Getting them to pose was another story, so I pulled out the- "just make a silly face card." It worked!

Sunday morning, we got up nice and early and decorated the kitchen table, walls and made this awesome breakfast the boys picked out in a Rachael Ray magazine. It's actually chocolate peanut butter french toast with homemade grape jelly syrup. Imagine!!! Per my picky kids requests, Collin's was made minus the peanut butter and Griffin's without the jelly! Funny kids! Anyways, here's a picture of the yummy treat. I joked that we actually gave our kids dessert for breakfast! I was kind to the Sunday School teachers though, by adding only a few chocolate chips to theirs! :-)

After church, it was time for some pics with Daddy. There always has to be a silly face, followed by a sweet one!
I love this pic of Collin with Rahul- he looks so grown up!
Funny face!
Not sure what face this is, but it's the best we got!
Eden wasn't up for the silly face pose yet, so we settled, very happily for this sweet one instead!
Then it was on to the presents! (We ran out of time to open them before heading out to church) Rahul was opening the book we made.
The boys also picked out a baseball devo to do with their Daddy each day.
Then there was the water gun!
A very BIG water gun! Can you tell who picks out the presents around here?!
I happened to find a full season of Psych on DVD and thought it would be perfect, since we love to watch this show together.

After a very short nap, we headed to Orlando to meet Rahul's mom, aunt, brother and Carmen for dinner with Goofy and Pluto.
I still think Griffin is learning to warm up around them!
It took alot of coaxing for Eden as well!
But she finally offered a quick and I do mean quick kiss!
Rahul and I took Eden and Griffin for a walk, while Collin finished up his dinner and hung out with the family.
Then we found this beautiful fountain inside The Swan Hotel where we ate.
Eden thought it was amazing!
I love this picture!


All in all it was a very busy Father's Day, but it was worth it to take the time to celebrate a wonderful man of God, who loves our children and leads them every day. What a blessing Rahul is! In fact, as I interviewed the boys, one of the questions was, "What does your daddy teach you?" Collin's response was, "He teaches me something about God every day."
That pretty much sums up Rahul as a Father!


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We LOVE Psych!!! It's one of our favorite shows! Awesome!!!
That's cool you went to the Swan hotel - Adam and I spent our honeymoon at the Dolphin (right next door) :)

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