Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Great Egg Hunt!

All the Easter festivities at church left Eden exhausted. This is how she fell asleep. I thought it was pretty adorable that she had cuddled up with her baby!

After nap time, we got all the little ones up for an Easter Egg hunt. Eden would have nothing to do with the basket or the hidden treasures! She merely wanted to carry around her keys... and watch her wild brothers!

Here are the boys racing for another find!

Griffin was serious about the egg hunting! He had a little practice with his Sunday School class, so he wasn't letting anything (or anyone) stop him! :-)

Griffin and Eden going for the same egg- uh oh!
The end results...

The boys counting their findings...

While the boys begged for us to hide the eggs again, Eden was more concerned with asking for a snack. So, we brought her high chair outside so she could enjoy her fruit while the boys started the search all over again.
I took this pic of Eden's sweet feet in her Easter sandals, but couldn't decide which I liked better- the black and white or the color. I am truly a sucker for little toes!

See what I mean?!
The boys decided at the last minute that they wanted to hide the eggs for their Daddy. Above is Griffin's idea of "hiding!" Creative right?! :-)
I messed with Rahul because he selected the pink basket to collect his eggs!
In the end, the boys joined in on the race with Rahul. Not quite as fair, since they knew all the secret hiding places, but fun nonetheless!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

yay! Looks like so much fun!! Great pics too!! I love the pics of Eden's feet! They are adorable!!!! I love Griffin's egg hiding job - haha! too cute!! Great pics! Looks like a fun day!

11:33 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

Those are some cute little toes and I LOVE her dress! Sooooo cute. I love watching kids hunt for eggs. Jack didn't want to hunt either. What a fun family time.

10:18 PM


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