Sunday, March 23, 2008

As Promised!

Here are the other pictures I promised so long ago from our weekend journey to Lake Yale. The Chris Kuti Band provided the worship music.
My boys became quick fans!
Then Erica took Collin up on stage so he could share one of his memory verses with the students! He definitely has his Daddy's personality! I would have found it quite difficult to get up there in front of all those people, but he wasn't scared at all!
Here he is quoting Proverbs 3:5

During that weekend, Eden was sick and the boys were so excited and so exhausted that they had the hardest time settling down to rest! One evening, when Rahul made it back to our rooms (we had 2 adjoining ones so the boys could have their own beds) he found the 4 of us like this! Griffin is on top of me, you can just barely see his hair, Eden was in the middle and of course, Collin looks like he was posing in his sleep! After I finally got everyone calmed down, there was no way I was going to move them at all!! The things you'll do for your kids and for some shut eye!! :-)
On the last day of the conference, the boys went back up on stage to help Erica pull out prizes for some of the students!
Would you believe that out of hundreds upon hundreds of students, one of the names they pulled was Bill's?! How funny!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Tha'ts awesome that they pulled out Bill's name :) GREAT pics! I love that pic of you in the bed with the kids - tha'ts so cute!!!! I love it!

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