Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Littlest Princess!

I realized soon after posting the birthday pictures that I never shared Eden's Birthday Portraits on our blog! I think you'll like them! I took her to the park with the boys one day and dressed her up as the little princess that she is! After a few pictures, I handed her a cupcake and the rest was history! At first she wasn't so sure I was actually going to let her eat something with icing, but once she got a taste, there was no turning back! She enjoyed it to the point of licking her hands! What a "Sweet" little princess!

I love this little princess!
This one takes my breath away!
Future royalty for sure!
She's got some cute little smiles!
The introduction of the cupcake!
The beginning of the mess!
I love the way she sat in these pictures! I couldn't have planned it better!
The up close images!

What a personality!

Hard to believe these feet used to be so tiny!

The licking of the hand starts!
Thank goodness she didn't try to lick her feet!

There she is our cupcake princess! It was good all the way to the last lick!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

THose are GREAT pics! Absolutely adorable! They're priceless! She's doing the best poses too! it's so cool! Adorable!!

10:10 PM

Blogger Luke & April said...

Precious, precious, precious... that's all I can say. I am so glad that we live close so you can take pictures of my baby one day! These are really Awesome Annie!

12:00 PM


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