Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Kiddos

So, I've gotten alot of emails asking for blog updates, new pictures of the kids specifically! Since I'm a little swamped right now trying to get ready for a photography event on Tuesday, I thought that these quick collages might hold everyone over until I get a chance to do a serious update!

Here are a few of Collin! Notice he's so busy running around, he can hardly stop long enough for a picture!
Some of Griffin- he even wrote his name in a birthday card- check out the first pic in the last row!
And of course, here's Eden Grace... Notice hers are all in one outfit! She just cooperates so much better! These were actually taken a few weeks ago, BEFORE she started walking! Picture taking isn't so easy these days!

Hope this helps!
I'll try to post more soon!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Eden is Walking???????????? That ROCKS!!!!! Cool!!!! That bottom right pic of her is sooo cute!! I love all the pics!!

12:28 AM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

I can't believe she is walking! That is so cute. i would love to see a video. Have fun at your photo-gig. Love ya!

8:03 AM


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