Monday, January 07, 2008

Visiting Grammie and Pop Pop Again!

Just a week or so before Christmas, Rahul had staff week at the convention in Jacksonville, so we packed up and went for another visit to Grammie and Pop Pop's! One of the many blessings of living so close to your parents- a couple of extra sets of hands whenever you really need them!!

The boys love going to Grammie and Pop Pop's for many reasons, but outside time there is always better than at our own house! For one, the yard is like 4 times the size of ours and then my parent's neighbors, Mrs. Kay and Mr. George, have a dog- which the boys talk about all the time!

One afternoon we took the kids outside and that of course meant a photo opp! My mom and I traded off shooting pictures and playing, but she got such great images of the boys I had to post them here!

Griffin mastering the art of catching!

These pictures of Collin are just so fun to me!

Check out the action in this one!
He must have needed a rest!
And then Griffin decided he must have one also!
It gave him some more energy for sure!
But then he was distracted by the acorns... again! Remember the Tallahassee post?!
Eden, who carries around this teddy every time we visit, wouldn't even let go of him outside!
Collin always wants to climb this tree in my parent's front yard- and he always wants me to take a picture of him in it to prove to his Daddy what a big boy he is!
Up until this point Griffin hasn't been quite brave enough to try it, but lately, he's been in a "monkey see, monkey do" stage and repeats EVERYTHING that his big brother does. That meant that he HAD to climb the tree. And he did (with a little help from his Mommy)!
But, on the way down, he ended up with this nice scrape!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

I love that this post is about the week before Christmas and you're wearing shorts :) haha! Only in Florida :)
Those pics are so cute :) THe action pic of Collin is great! and I LOVE that Eden loves that teddy bear - that's so cute!! Griffin is so cute too :) Poor little guy with his big-boy scrape :) Too cute :)

10:36 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

Your parents must absolutly love your visits with them! What a great yard to play in! Those tree pics are so cute! And great actions shots too!

5:40 PM


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