Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eden is 41 Weeks and Counting...

This week was a hard one to capture- mainly because we were running out of time on the whole picture thing to begin with. See, this was also Rahul's b-day and his ordination and we were trying to snap these images before heading off to church. There was a serious time crunch, especially since my mom and I had been gone for several hours trying to tie up some loose ends on a few surprises for Rahul!
At least she was all smiles!
Maybe it was all that candy on her dress!
But the real reason there are only 3 perfectly adorable pictures to post comes down to this:
one little girl who was completely entertaining herself with her brand new dress!

However silly these pictures are, this week marked the continuation of top row teething, a more concise use of the word "Da-Da!" (I was just sure the girl in the family would say MaMa first!!) and warp speed crawling, followed by very brief attempts at standing alone!
Go Eden!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That 3rd pic is my fave... but I'd have to say the last pic is a close 2nd :) She rocks! :) I love how her little ankles are crossed - how cute!!

3:30 AM

Blogger Life in Green-Land said...

i love that dress! very cute!

12:02 PM

Blogger Luke & April said...

Super Cute!! And I love that little dress!

8:32 AM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

I love how she is holding her dress up! That is so great! She is growing waaaaay too fast!

2:31 PM


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