Thursday, January 03, 2008

Catching Up....Again!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted something! I decided to start playing catch up by posting Eden's weekly pictures from the past 4 weeks!
Here she is at 42 weeks in her poodle outfit from her Dadiji. She was super cute in it, despite the fact that the weather didn't really call for a jacket! At least she was cooperative and had some pretty sweet smiles to share!

Here's our Eden Grace at 43 weeks. I was trying to take some pictures of her with flowers and ornaments. This is about as good as it got though! When there is only one person trying to keep her still, it can get a little difficult, especially since her debut of standing up and trying to walk started this week! It's almost impossible to keep her seated now!

At 44 weeks, the pictures were even more difficult to come by! There were actually 3 different attempts in one day before we got something! Thankfully her Baboo was in town for Christmas, so I had an extra pair of hands to help manage this "session!" We later discovered that her fussiness was to be blamed on a developing ear and sinus infection. Still she was a pretty"little princess!"

By this point, the medicine had really started to work. We couldn't have been happier. I had spent at least a week sleeping with Eden in either the rocking chair or propped up on the couch. These 45 weeks pictures were taken in Miami, after a 4 hour trip the day after Christmas. I was surprised that she was pleasant for them simply because she had been a little antsy in her car seat on the ride down. Eden's beautiful dress is from her G.G. I think she is darling in it!

And finally, week 46! This adorable get up was a gift from her Grammie and isn't she just so cute in it?! These are some of my favorite pictures to date! Since week 45 she's cut her 4th tooth and is "talking" so much more! She is really a chatter bug lately. She's over the sickness, is back to sound sleeping and is getting braver and braver with her steps each day!


Blogger Heather Henderson said...

I agree Annie, I think those last two are some of my favorites. I also just noticed how LONG her legs are!!! They are always covered up with a pretty dress and in that one with the ornaments, she looks like she is going to have her Daddy's height!
side note: the photobook will be printed from Shutterfly. They are so reasonable!!!!! Where do you usually get your prints?

2:02 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

THose last two pics are AWESOME! They are so cute!!! I LOVE them! She's gotten so big! She really looks different in these pics! I LOVE that ornament pic too! Very cute!

2:38 AM


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