Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's the Big Catch Up! Christmas!

So, when I started to think about how long it's been since I've blogged on normal every day events in the life of our family, I realized it's been a good bit! I haven't even posted Christmas pictures for crying out loud. In an attempt to "not let you down," I've put together these collages, to give you the big picture, without 450,000 posts!! Click on them to see them a little larger, especially this first one, which shows Eden's great dislike of the man in the big red suit! (Surprisingly, my first Santa image is remarkably close to this one!)Santa pictures, Gingerbread houses with Daddy, Grammie's Birthday breakfast!

Christmas Eve at Granny and Granddaddy Shack's House- Eden got lots of dolls to snuggle with and the boys were surprised to see a train table!!!

Christmas morning with Grammie and Pop Pop, then at GG's house! Yay! Check out Eden's first Cabbage Patch Doll and other fun babies to kiss on. Collin got the fishing game- the ONLY thing he asked for and really, really wanted. Griffin enjoyed lots of Diego stuff and check out their suitcases with Personal Rescue Packs that Santa brought them. How fun! The older "kids" enjoyed entertaining everyone with Bill's rockband set! Check out my drummer hubby too! :-) Bet you didn't know that about him!!

It was Eden's first Christmas, so she had to have a few pictures taken at G.G.'s house to remember the big day. I love that in the middle of the "shoot" she picked up the wood chips to munch on- I guess all that teething was bothering her!


Well, that does it for the first part of our Christmas break. Next, I'll tackle the Miami and Disney pictures. Then, I'll just have January and February to fill you in on! Whew! This could take awhile!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Wow! Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! So glad you shared...

2:36 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

yea! That's a fun way to catch up on blogging :) I like all the pics!! The one of Collin with his gingerbread house is so cute! Eden with santa - how fun! THe rockband stuff looks fun!! Great pics!! how fun!!

12:39 AM


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