Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So Much For Ideas!

For awhile now, I've had this idea in my head about a picture I wanted to take of my boys and their sis! I attempted to take it right before nap time, which was a bad idea all together. It took about 1 second before meltdowns with our little princess started! I tried to bribe her into cooperation with a paci and book, thinking I could whisk them both away long enough to capture the image! She wasn't going to be fooled! So, here is the result!

The boys were a little more willing to "work" with me! Here are 2 of my favorites! I just love little feet, even though if I were completely honest with myself, they aren't that little anymore!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Those are really cute! I love little feet :) Feet pics are so cute! I love that first pic :) I like how you can see Griffin's belly button :) So cute :)

9:16 PM

Blogger Luke & April said...

I love these pictures... and I think the paci and book are Adorable!!

11:59 AM


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