Monday, March 24, 2008

Collin's Peter Pan Celebration!

This year, Collin decided he wanted a Peter Pan Celebration for his 4th birthday. I thought it was a super cute idea, though it be a little random! Here are some pictures he took for his invitations:


This Saturday, we set up Never Never Land in our backyard. It was complete with the nursery, where "Wendy" entertained all the little ones with her tales of Peter Pan.

My mom and I created a pirate ship cake for the event. Collin informed us the night before, that it wouldn't be perfect until Peter Pan and Captain Hook were fighting on the top! Thanks Sarah for your artsy skills to fix this "problem!"
Grammie really came through for us ... again! She made an awesome treasure chest ...
...and hand-painted some incredible decorations!

We made some super fun Peter Pan hats too!
It wasn't long before the games began! Here is Collin's attempt at pinning the feather on Peter Pan's hat!
And Abbie's...
And Allie's...
And Hunter's...
And then there was Griffin. Ever the shy one, he was convinced the "blindfold" might be a little scary! Thankfully, we had two great encouragers to assist him! (I love Abbie's face in this one!)
Just a little guidance is all he needed...
...and a helping hand! :-)

The birthday boy!

Some super awesome wrapping paper designed by 2 sweet girls!Gift time was so much fun. This was the first year Collin has really had friends he's selected come to his party. He was so excited! I was so proud of him for "sharing" this time! He didn't flinch once when the other boys and girls chimed in with some helping hands to rip the paper. I actually think he enjoyed it! These are some of my favorite images simply because the expressions are 100% priceless!
Check out Allie and Hunter in this one!
How about the maternal face in this one! :-)
And the excitement caught in this one!

Then it was cake time!
What a sweet friends picture.

These are a few "non-Collin" related images that I just love from the day!
For the past several months, Eden has developed a deep love for Abbie and Allie's mom. At church, if she's ever fussy, Renee can usually calm her down. She'll leap into her arms from mine and cuddle up to her so sweetly. Hannah has the same affection for Renee, so this picture is pretty special. Here, Renee's got both of "her girls!" Funny thing is, I'm not so sure if Hannah was digging the competition! It looks like she's giving Eden the stare down! :-)

Hannah and her Mommy
Hunter showing off his blue tongue!
Beautiful Abbie!
Adorable Allie!
Gran and 2 of her girls!

Collin had such a great time at his party! He was surrounded by family and friends who love him so much! The perfect closing to the day was this picture, where "Peter Pan" posed with all his "friends!"


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Man! How fun!!! You throw the best birthday parties! Looks like fun!!! How awesome!! I love all the pictures!! i love the present pics - there are some great faces in those!!! Looks like everyone had fun! Great pictures!!

10:44 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Wow! You DO throw great parties... and I'm sure you have lots of great help. Aren't families amazing? It looks like it was another unforgettable day at the Agarwals!

3:26 PM


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