Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's A...

Yep! There's the evidence!! There is no mistaking that Baby Agarwal # 4 is indeed a boy!
Although I've been feeling all along that this was a little man, all the evidence: extreme morning, noon and night sickness, craving sweets, chocolate, fruits and having aversions to all the same things I did while carrying Eden made me think that perhaps, I was wrong! Collin was also pretty convinced that it was a girl and finally had to let go of that thought in the tiny ultrasound room. After asking if the tech was sure he was having a brother,
Collin said, "Ok, now I think it's a boy!" Good thing! :-)
So, now the hunt is on for a perfect name for this little guy! We're taking any suggestions!
We are so excited that God has given us another blessing and are thrilled to see how He uses him during his lifetime!

Here is my favorite picture from our sonogram today! I love his little profile! He's so cute!! He measures perfectly for our March 19th due date and is completely healthy! I think he looks a little "chunkier" than our others at this age! Ok, is chunky possible when he only weighs a pound?!

This is my other favorite image of the day! Recently, I've developed such a love for tiny little toes (if you've been following my photography blog, you'll understand), so when he kept pressing his foot right up for us to see, it made me smile!

Here's another fun shot as well! As the tech was trying to get some good images, she kept saying "Wow! He's an active little one!" Suddenly, the reality of having 3 boys started to sink in! Then she said, "God will only give you what you can handle!" What encouraging words from an unsuspecting source! I know that this little baby boy has a grand purpose and that God has blessed our family with him! Now, we've just got to wait it out to meet him!!


Blogger Alan said...

CONGRATS!!! Looks Eden will Have four males to protect her from any unsuitable bachelors in the future LOL. Exciting news!

(Gretchen posting as Alan)

5:12 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

FUN! I"m going to have to work on my boy names! CONGRATS! You guys have the cutest boys - how fun! His little profile is adorable and his little foot is precious!!!!

6:45 PM

Blogger cornellfamily4 said...

Yeah! I love boys! Congratulations on him being Healthy. What a blessing!

7:46 PM

Blogger Wendy said...

Well I think 3 boys are perfect! They are a piece of cake as long as you have a low copay ;o)

I love how he has already given you a foot picture!!! I can see you using that for a christmas card in some sort of "feet" collage!

8:56 PM

Blogger nancarts said...

Congratulations! We will love this little boy just as we love all the others.
Collin and Griffin can teach him all the "fun" things! Eden will join in the fun, but she'll still be our little Princess! I love you all. I will pray that all goes well. Granxxx

5:39 AM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

WOO HOO!!!! If i knew for sure that we would have another boy, I would have one today! I am so happy for you guys!!

8:55 AM

Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

Ok, I just knew I'd click on here and people would have suggested names...so just for blog documentation purposes, if you choose any of the names below I will claim about 5% of the credit.

This is gonna be long, and I could just email it, but again, I wanted blog documentation.

I'm guessing that you will probably want this little guy's name to end in "n"...so that was the biggest criteria I went with...also, 2 syllables. I've categorized them a bit.

Benjamin (3 syllables, but worth a mention)
Solomon (also 3, but worthy contender)

NON-Biblical but Good:)
Jason (actually I think is mentioned in New Testament)
Corbin (i thought this one sounded particularly british..which goes well with the British-Indian "Collin" feel:)
Briton/Britain (also British feel, but maybe too overt:)

Hope these help...or at least get the wheels turning!

11:32 PM


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