Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Exciting News!

I've been meaning to post these pics for weeks, maybe even months, but time has gotten away from me and with the calendar project, I've really been behind on blogging! So, I wanted to share these images that my cousin Sarah captured, the night we told our kids about baby #4! It was certainly a hilarious event! It went something like this:

Annie: "Does anyone know what this is a picture of?"
Collin: "It's your belly button Mommy! Or is it a jellybean?"Collin, now abandoned on the couch by his other siblings, who have found more entertaining things to do, "Oh, it's a baby. Are you faking us out Mommy?"
Griffin, while playing with Eden, "Yep, she's faking us out!"
Collin, then realizing it was truth, expresses his excitement! "Mommy, will your tummy grow this big?"
Annie: "Probably!"

Griffin, coming in for a hug. Collin snuggling with his sister since he thinks he'll be getting another one, he needed the practice!

What a fun moment in the life of our family!

Ever since that evening, Collin has repeatedly shared that he's been praying that God would give us twins! YIKES!!! I'm assuring him that the Lord will be giving us just one, since we've already seen a few sonogram images, but he's holding out hope!

Tuesday afternoon, we have our official half way "20 Week" sonogram, so we'll know for sure whether it's a boy or girl... at least I'm hoping the little one is cooperative!
Right now, the guessing stands this way in our house:
Rahul - girl
Annie- boy
Collin- girl
Griffin- boy- but switches to girl often
Eden- girl

Hmmmm....... what do you think it is? Leave us your best guess AND a couple of cool names that you think we should consider!

I'll be updating tomorrow, to fill everyone in!
Please keep us in your prayers as we anticipate this exciting day in our lives.


Blogger dee said...

Girl says - grammie

11:17 AM

Blogger Wendy said...

I go for boy...but if it is a girl I still love Ella :)

11:39 AM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Girl, girl, girl! Let's even the numbers out! As for a name, I thought Eden would be Lauren because of Annie Laurie and because it ended with an "n" like Collin and Griffin. :)

11:46 AM

Blogger nancarts said...

GG says "GIRL"!
But will be happy with whatever God sends! Is that a cop out? LUV

1:30 PM

Blogger nancarts said...

I forgot my name! You know I gave you a long list..I think mostly boy names! Heven is mine, or Heven.

1:32 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

How fun!
It's totally a jellybean!!! :)

I think it's a girl :)

I always like giving name suggestions :) haha! :)

Asha - means Hope
Kiran - means Ray of Light

If it's a boy I'll give other suggestions:)

2:09 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

(and Kiran ends in an "n") :)

2:10 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

Haha!! I am reeeeeeally hoping you have another girl. It would even things out a bit! As far as names go, I dunno. Does it have to end with an "N"?
What a fun moment. I'm really glad you posted those pics!

2:40 PM

Blogger effe03 said...

I think it's a girl, too! But in case it's a boy I do have a suggestion for a name- Something I thought would sound good with Collin, and Griffin... Dylan! I could hear you calling all your boys in from playing in the backyard! And I like Elizabeth's choice of Lauren for a girl...Adrienne was almost Lauren!! But Lauren does go well with the rest of your names:) Yay for lots of kids:)

2:40 PM


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