Wednesday, November 21, 2007

40 Weeks!!

This morning Eden had her 9 month well check up, which meant it was shot time! I was for sure that would result in sad, teary eyed pictures. But oh, did Eden ever surprise me! She was a complete ham when the camera came out ! I was pleasantly shocked! Just for an update, she is weighing in at 17.1 pounds (25%), and is 28 3/4 inches long (75%)! Clearly she did not get the height thing from me!! This week she's been exploring more and more, continuing to chime in with some "Da-da's" and teething like crazy. Anything and everything that's available to chew on she finds- even things like umm.. Glade Plug-Ins! Yes, we've called poison control! All is well! Let's just say, those air fresheners are gone for now! One clever little girl she is! I am sooo not used to a baby who is in to EVERYTHING! The boys were never interested in much more than their toys. Eden is the complete opposite. In fact, unless it's a stuffed animal or musical, she could really care less. The little tiny pieces of paper on the floor or the magazines on the coffee table, those things are just way more interesting! Don't get me wrong, our house is "baby-proofed," but Eden is pretty inventive! Let's just say my eye is always on her, which isn't such a bad thing, considering that she is in my opinion the cutest little girl ever! (Sorry Andrea! Just kidding! Our tie remains!) She's the cutest little 40 week old girl I've ever seen! :-) Aashini can have dibs on the cutest little 2 week old girl! Oh, and one more thing. Eden's got a surprise on in these pictures- let's see if you can figure out exactly what it is!


This picture is probably not that meaningful to you, unless you know Collin's extreme lack of interest in sleep!! He NEVER wants to stop! However, once a day, when his brother and sister are napping, I make him take some quiet time to relax. He spends this time "reading." On most days, I can hear him talking about the books or at least flipping the pages, but this week, it was unusually silent (an indicator to all parents that something is up)! When I went to check, I found him sound asleep! AMAZING! So amazing, I had to take a picture as proof. Funny thing is, I ended up having to wake him up so he would actually retire to bed at the end of the day without a fight! Crazy huh!?

Traditions- 8 Months

Here is Eden at 8 months with Mr. Giraffe. It's getting increasingly difficult to get her to sit still with him! These pictures are proof of that for sure!

The only "sitting down" one I got!
Well, except for this one! Her expression is so funny to me, as if she's wondering what in the world he's doing there beside her!
Then she started getting silly!
In the process of her comedy routine, the headband started to slip, causing one serious hair dilemma! It almost looks like she's sprouting wings!
Check out that look! WOAH!
Finally, she got it off...
...leaving her with quite the "do"!
Clearly, she found a better use for it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Collin- My Sweet 3 year old!

One afternoon last week the boys were outside playing. Of course, I can never resist a moment like that- so out came the camera.

I think Collin's initial reaction was something along the lines of "Mom, seriously! Do we have to do this picture thing-AGAIN!"
But secretly, I think he likes it!
Check out that pose!
Ahh-- so handsome!
There's that cute grin! Look how tall he's getting!

Now, it wasn't long before Collin was begging to put on his new hat! These hats have become the standard accessory for every single outfit- whether it's cold outside or not! So, because I think he is so incredibly cute in it- I couldn't resist!
I really like this one! I wonder what he was thinking about!
So, I just sat in the grass and started clicking. I wasn't prompting him to do anything at all...
...not even this! Who could have actually planned something this cute?!

Bill!!!! This must have been for you!
It wasn't long before all that sitting still must have been driving Collin crazy
because it started off with a small little smirk
and turned into this!
My sweet Collin!

Just Another Day!

Here are some random pictures from just an ordinary day at our house:
Here's Eden trying a biter biscuit for the first time. She was NOT impressed. She threw it on the floor after just a little bit of chewing on it and seemed to request some fruit puffs. I wonder if she's going to be a picky eater?!
A little play time while her brothers enjoyed making a Fall tree.
Ever wonder what to do with those packing peanuts? Here's an idea!
Collin working hard!
Eden eating - again! And this time trying to use a sippy cup!
Falling asleep in the exersaucer- it must have been a busy, busy day!
Can you tell Eden is teething? And that she enjoys her brother's toys?
This part of the boys' Noah's ark toy seemed to be super soothing on her gums!! Rahul was laughing hysterically right at her side so since she was supervised, I had to snap a few pictures before we took it out of her mouth! :-)
So cute!

Operation Christmas Child

Before Rahul and I were married, we always enjoyed participating in Operation Christmas Child. Now, it is something that we like to do with our kids each year. We feel it is vitally important to teach them about reaching out to others with the love of Christ, to meet the needs of others and to look at this season as more than a time of getting, but as one where we can and should give and give and give, because of what Christ has given us!

This year the boys decided they wanted to make a box for a girl (because they had such a good time playing with Parker and Greer in Tallahassee and in honor of Mitike' our little adopted girl through World Vision)!
So, they picked out a bag full of stuff
maybe too much stuff...
and put together this package for a little girl somewhere on the other side of the world!


Since Eden was sick for a good bit we held off on introducing the final fruit to her diet- pears. Here is her first experience with them (and of course, a side of yogurt)!

Taking it all in...
Yep! It's a winner! She likes pears!