Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just Another Day!

Here are some random pictures from just an ordinary day at our house:
Here's Eden trying a biter biscuit for the first time. She was NOT impressed. She threw it on the floor after just a little bit of chewing on it and seemed to request some fruit puffs. I wonder if she's going to be a picky eater?!
A little play time while her brothers enjoyed making a Fall tree.
Ever wonder what to do with those packing peanuts? Here's an idea!
Collin working hard!
Eden eating - again! And this time trying to use a sippy cup!
Falling asleep in the exersaucer- it must have been a busy, busy day!
Can you tell Eden is teething? And that she enjoys her brother's toys?
This part of the boys' Noah's ark toy seemed to be super soothing on her gums!! Rahul was laughing hysterically right at her side so since she was supervised, I had to snap a few pictures before we took it out of her mouth! :-)
So cute!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

too cute!! I love the packing peanut idea ;) very fun! Eden is so cute sleeping in her exersaucer! How fun :) She's got a great personality - as with all of your kids :)

10:30 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

great idea with the packing peanuts. I have a whole box!!! Jack always seems to find a crayon or something and just crawls around with is in his mouth. Today was the toilet paper roller he somehow managed to get off. ??? That picture of Eden looks just like him!

9:50 PM


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