Monday, November 19, 2007

More Tally!

After some time at F.S.U., we headed over to my Uncle Larry's house. I always enjoy going there. It's a place where so many memories have been made over the years and every time we arrive I get all nostalgic and start reflecting on the Thanksgivings and family gatherings we've had in that same place. It truly is one of my favorite places ever!
The boys had a blast playing in the front yard, and were amazed that they didn't have to worry about zooming cars!
Collin and Grammie decided to engage in a game of tag!
They had so much fun!

Finally Griffin decided to join in!

Eden enjoyed watching her brother's run around and if you'll check out her feet you'll see how much she was trying to "kick" her way out of Pop-Pop's arms to join them!
The boys also had a blast picking up nuts, acorns and berries!
Griffin really liked the backyard!!
I think he was amazed at all the trees?! ha!
Eden and I enjoyed just rocking and watching...
...until she literally bit my nose! Ok, it was more like a nibble!
Giving Grammie some big old hugs!
The boys still picking up those acorns!
Sunday after church (which was such a fun time, worshiping in the same place where Rahul and I really got to know one another, where we served and got married) we all headed back to Uncle Larry's house for some more family time. Bill and Eden had a great time just playing in the living room!

Greer and Eden bonded really well!
The boys continued to pick berries and even persuaded Parker to help them out a bit!
(Just a little background info, Parker and Greer are twins and are my cousin Cynthia's little girls. They were the flower girls in our wedding- if any of you were there- I am sure you remember how precious they were then- and still are now!)
My mom and I having a camera shoot off!

Cynthia, Parker and the boys- Greer was inside with Eden of course!

Cynthia and Eden getting to know one another a little better! I just love the black and white picture! I think it speaks volumes!

Collin on a mission for more what? Acorns?!!!
Baboo giving Griffin a ride...

Such a sweet little 2 year old!
We also went to Maclay Gardens on Sunday afternoon. The kids had a blast running around, climbing trees and getting a few pics taken together. I also spent some time with Sarah, Courtney and Amanda taking some photos.

This picture speaks to the quote "Boys will be boys!"

So, here is the confession- I took 547 pictures on our weekend in Tally - not including the some 150 images I have of Sarah and friends. This DOES NOT include my parent's images either! YIKES! So, don't be surprised if in the very near future a few more priceless moments from Tallahassee appear on the blog! I might not be able to resist! :-)


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Tag is so fun! It never gets old! :) Ok, well, sometimes... but yea for backyard time! I used to love picking up acorns!

9:31 AM

Blogger dee said...

Annie forgot, when we got back to her home, and I started a load of the boys clothes someones pockets were full of acorns!!!

10:02 AM


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