Thursday, November 08, 2007

Messages for Aashini!

Since we can't be there to tell Aashini how glad we are she's here, since we can't be there to hug Adam and Andrea and since our kids have been praying for this tiny baby and wanted to send her a message, we decided this would be the next best thing!
Welcome to the world sweet Aashini Miley!

We are so in love with you already... so much Collin needed to sign it to you!
(P.S. Adam if you look very closely at the top, you will see that Collin sounded out your name and wrote it- all by himself! I was so shocked!! He hasn't even spelled out Mommy yet! What an honor! :-) )
Griffin gave a special grin just for you Aashini!
And Eden bless her heart, well one day she will understand it all- when you get to play with girly toys together!!

YAY for your precious life Aashini Miley! We love you, love you, love you!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the pictures!!! I love it!! You guys are awesome! Adam was very proud of Collin - very cool :) Those pics are great! I love it!!!!!! Aashini doesn't know it yet, but she's excited to come play with Eden too :) haha :) YOU GUYS ROCK!!! WE LOVE YOU!!

12:12 AM


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