Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Our Weekend...

Sarah and Bill were down for the weekend- as noted in the post before, Bill was a complete surprise... he has a way of doing these things! Anyways, we spent most of the weekend just hanging out, enjoying family time, playing with the kids, wondering if they were really getting sick (the answer was yes) and laughing.
Playing a little Guitar Hero!

Griffin and Grammie reading books early one morning- note the coffee cup!
Playing jeans? It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Fall!
Shelby working hard to keep up with the boys and keep them out of trouble...
I think this series of pics is so priceless! Griffin attempting to get the ball from Collin, all on the account of "let's share!"
A little tugging never hurt anyone!
Hmmm... I wonder who won?!
My mom was inside making fresh key lime pie! Yep, fresh!!! Be jealous! :-)
Sarah and Gran were busy working on a project for one of her interior design classes at FSU! She had to ride in a wheelchair and then create a linear project that expressed how she felt during the experience. (I hope I did that justice Sarah!)
Working, working, working! To see the final product check out her blog.

Bill was hiding from the camera as usual- except this time I happened to catch one of his eyes!
My dad was wiped out, but only after indulging in a piece of my mom's pie! Did I mention it was fresh? from scratch? HOMEMADE?!


Sunday after church, Sarah and Bill packed up to head back to Tally. For some reason, I always wait until they are about to leave to try to take a group picture- I learned my lesson this time!! At this point, the boys were clearly sick and Eden wasn't far behind and grumpy might have been an understatement!! Still, there are some pretty cute images!

Baboo and Eden- the stare down!

They love each other so much!
Sarah Beara and Eden

My beautiful cousin!
See what I mean about group shots?! at the LAST MINUTE!!!
One final try, as Griffin exits the shot!
I adore this picture- check out Collin- obviously wishing Sarah was holding him and Eden's lips!! She was ready to kiss someone! Of course, Sarah is flawless- as usual!!
Bill and Collin
This is where Griffin stood, in a sort of unusual, I need a longer nap kinda mood...
...until Baboo swept him up for one final snuggle before heading back to FSU!


Blogger dee said...

I love the last pic of Bill and Griffin..

8:26 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

You made a key lime pie (with regular limes) for us once and it was sooooo good! But I am happy to announce that I am no longer jealous of your pie-making abilities. I have made (several times now) and awesome FROZEN key lime pie....yes ma'am. You should be the jealous one.

I love how your brother comes to see you so often. He should teach my brother a few things.

I hope you guys feel better soon!

10:01 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

FUN PICS!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! That pie looks super awesome!

12:23 AM


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