Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My Gran, or as the kids call her- "G.G"- left some Halloween goody bags for the kids the last time she was here visiting. I have kept them hidden since then and surprised the boys and Eden with them today. I wish I had recorded their expressions when I rounded the corner with this in hand:

They were so excited!
Collin thought he should pose with his bag...
and a lot of the stuff that was in it too! He loved this dolphin notebook, the perfect place for doodling and being creative!
And, who doesn't like a good treat- for only 100 Calories?! Collin better watch out, I might try to get my hands on those!!
Griffin was passionate about his stickers...

and his book!

Eden didn't have any trouble digging into her surprise either!
She enjoyed the tissue paper a lot, but seemed pretty serious about it all after that!
She got a funny
"Witch way to the party?"
And then she discovered the bag
at about the same time the boys discovered their candy!!
And even more candy!!

Of course, I put the shirt on Eden right away and whisked her outside to take a few "My First Halloween and I'm 37 weeks old today pictures!" Ok, you caught me... I took the time to find an orange barrette for her hair. Come on, she's the only girl I have-accessories are sooo important!!
This one is my absolute favorite!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Wow! Those are some fun bags! Cool :) Their faces are priceless!

4:14 AM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

What a fun surprise!! We have a very affectionate "GG" too! I love the affection your boys show for their candy! That is so cute! I love the little shirt on Eden too! Rick says that all three of your kids look like "little Raul's".

8:08 AM

Blogger Life in Green-Land said...

everytime i see eden wearing those hair clips, i think 'i should buy them.' next trip to walmart, i think i'm really going to do it!

7:04 AM


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