Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Festival

After our costume photo shoot we were ready for some fun! Our church hosted a Fall Festival and we knew the kids would really enjoy all the activities they had planned.

Eden was busy watching her brothers ride the pony, wondering when she'll be big enough to do the same!
I think Collin's expression in this pic is priceless! He was so pumped up about getting to ride and could hardly contain himself once he was actually up there!
Griffin wasn't as excited, a little more reserved than his big brother, but he made it for the entire ride! We were proud!
The ring toss...
...the football throw! (Check out Collin and the other boy, both wearing Diego costumes. When they first saw each other they just stood there and stared for the longest time! Rahul joked it was like two girls showing up with the same outfit on- maybe the boys were debating on who should go change?! ha!!)
...for candy?!
It's no wonder this was one of the boys' favorite games!
At the duck pond!

A little bowling
and some basketball too!
Rahul has deemed this the "GIRLIEST PICTURE" to date of Eden! Isn't it funny?!
Daddy with the kids
Mommy's turn, but this time they were over the sitting still part and begging for more games. And to think, there hadn't even been candy at this point! (P.S. There still hasn't been any consumed! We'll see how long that lasts!)
I changed this one to a sepia, simply because after all the chaos of trying to get the 3 wild ones to be still in the pic above, I was covered in sweat! I thought this shade might mask it! :-)
The last thing the boys did was spend some time at the petting zoo...
I think Griffin wanted to get in- I mean he was a jaguar after all!

Collin really enjoyed the "petting aspect..."

This was so funny- right as we were leaving the little goat that was on the leash darted towards 4 boys! It was attacked by 8 eager to pet hands. I think they might have scared him just a little!

What a super fun night- and as Rahul has mentioned countless times- thank goodness for having means getting to indulge in lots of chocolate! Hmm... Collin and Griffin better hide their bags before Daddy gets ahold of it all! :-)


Blogger Heather Henderson said...

HA! Those are sooooo fun! (I am about to post mine). I love fall festivals. I love Griffins little expression on the pony! And I agree with Raul. That is the girliest pic of Eden yet! You know, if you wouldn't have said anything I would not have seen the sweat on your face. Now that you mention it.....

1:05 PM

Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

your kids are so cute! Thanks for putting Eden in a super girly costume... do you know that with 3 girls and MANY Halloweens, that none of us were EVER princesses?!? It's unbelievable!
Oh, and I'm sure that all-white kid in the Diego costume was cute and all, but seriously, when you've got "brown" in you, you're just gonna pull off the ethnic cartoon character better! HAHA way to go Collin!:)

5:35 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

How fun!!! They look like they're having a blast!! I love that pic of Collin on the horse!!! That one pic of Eden is VERY girly and VERY cute!! Griffin makes a great Jaguar - he should have been able to get in with those animals :)

12:02 AM


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