Thursday, November 01, 2007


Six years ago today Rahul asked me to be his wife. I'm not sure that I ever actually said the word "YES!" because I was in a state of shock. You see on the way out to eat at my favorite Tallahassee Mexican Restaurant, he had given me this whole story about how it just wasn't the right time, how he didn't have enough money to buy the right ring and on and on he went. I should have noticed that something was off when he had a hard time making conversation during dinner! When dessert was served, it came with a small ring box too. So today I'm just remembering when a bowl of fried ice cream comes with a side of diamonds it makes such a difference in your life! I love you Rahul!


Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

I remember that story. Anthony says, "Oh, I couldn't have sat through a whole fact, I DIDN'T sit through a whole dinner!" We were going out for Thai that night (I had actually picked the place so wasn't suspecting a thing) but when he picked me up for the date he gave me a special "Thailand Care Package" (we were going to Thailand the next week) for all the stuff I'd need to take with me to T-land... at the end there was a diamond ring! He said I'd need to take a fiance with me too:) I said yes, then I couldn't eat a thing and instead we went to get me a manicure so I could properly show off my ring! (he proposed the day after 4th of July... is it easier the day after a holiday?) Woohoo for great hubbies!

5:21 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Adam proposed ON new years eve... so kinda the day before a holiday or the day of...
FUN! I love that picture :)

11:57 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

That is soooooo sweet! I never knew the story! Happy Anniversary! October 25th was our 9 year dating anniversary. Whew! Time flies!

5:27 PM


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