Monday, November 19, 2007

See- I Told You!

I knew that if I looked for long enough more images from Tally would start to appear!!

Eden spent most of our time at Maclay Gardens napping, but I did get this one picture of her that I thought was super cute! She looks so festive, as if Christmas was right around the corner...oh wait, it is!
This was right before leaving the gardens- the little kids and the big kids too (Sarah and Courtney) decided to play in one of the big open fields. (Another memory, since many of our wedding pictures were taken in this very spot!)

Ok, the pictures that follow require a little bit of background. Recently, Griffin has become highly amused with the word bagel! In fact, he says it all the time! In the morning, it's something like this "Good Morning Griffin!" to which he responds "Good Morning Mommy Bagel!" What?! Where did this obsession come from? Our only explanation might be that we ranted and raved about a small cafe' that we enjoyed eating at in Tallahassee called "Bagel Bagel." The craze was that they opened one here in Brandon. We told the kids about it, took them there to eat one time (ONE TIME) and it seemed to stick! At any rate, Griffin finds little ways to sneak the word into conversations all day. No longer is it just a fun word, he finds it super funny to see us crack up in laughter each time he chimes in with a "bagel phrase!"
So... to make a long story a little longer, the Bagel Bagel in Brandon closed down- not enough business, bad location- I have no idea, because it's some of the yummiest food of all time. But--- there is one in Tallahassee, however, it's super far from where my uncle lives.... see this is making it so much longer. Anyways, I used to eat at Bruegger's Bagels when I worked on that side of town and I thought Griffin would enjoy it just as much, mainly because they have a window that allows you to see them making the bagels!
So, Monday morning my mom and I met up with Bill and Sarah for a little bagel action. Griffin was fascinated with the process, but evidently prefers Lenders toasted at home because he barely ate anything beyond the first couple of bites! Kids! :-)

Here he is enjoying his bagel...
...the first couple of bites that is!

Collin ate his entire blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese! He sure does enjoy fruit!
Eden munched on fruit puffs of course!

Bill and his O.J.- never, ever coffee! :-)
Sarah applauding for her Denver Bagel!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

YUM!! How fun!

9:28 AM

Blogger dee said...

the bagels were really good...but the company and location were the best.

9:57 AM


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