Wednesday, November 21, 2007

40 Weeks!!

This morning Eden had her 9 month well check up, which meant it was shot time! I was for sure that would result in sad, teary eyed pictures. But oh, did Eden ever surprise me! She was a complete ham when the camera came out ! I was pleasantly shocked! Just for an update, she is weighing in at 17.1 pounds (25%), and is 28 3/4 inches long (75%)! Clearly she did not get the height thing from me!! This week she's been exploring more and more, continuing to chime in with some "Da-da's" and teething like crazy. Anything and everything that's available to chew on she finds- even things like umm.. Glade Plug-Ins! Yes, we've called poison control! All is well! Let's just say, those air fresheners are gone for now! One clever little girl she is! I am sooo not used to a baby who is in to EVERYTHING! The boys were never interested in much more than their toys. Eden is the complete opposite. In fact, unless it's a stuffed animal or musical, she could really care less. The little tiny pieces of paper on the floor or the magazines on the coffee table, those things are just way more interesting! Don't get me wrong, our house is "baby-proofed," but Eden is pretty inventive! Let's just say my eye is always on her, which isn't such a bad thing, considering that she is in my opinion the cutest little girl ever! (Sorry Andrea! Just kidding! Our tie remains!) She's the cutest little 40 week old girl I've ever seen! :-) Aashini can have dibs on the cutest little 2 week old girl! Oh, and one more thing. Eden's got a surprise on in these pictures- let's see if you can figure out exactly what it is!


Blogger Heather Henderson said...

EARRINGS!!!!!!!! She looks so big! They are beautiful! I love the leggings too. I know exactly what you mean about her being into everything. jack is the same way. We are not exactly baby-proofed but soap? C'mon.

9:42 PM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Bling Bling! Heather beat me to it :) Her earings are so cute! She's got some great smiles in those pics and her outfit is adorable!
Congrats Eden for hitting that 40 week mark! NICE! You're definitely the cutest 40 week old I've ever seen :)
Love you guys!!!

9:46 PM

Blogger Life in Green-Land said...

you got her ears pierced! so cute!

4:36 PM

Blogger chrisa4357 said...

I love that you pierced her ears!! Earrings are the best. Watch out for hoops though, Cadence pulled hers out and one of them is now forever missing :( She is way cute. I love watching her grow.

12:02 PM

Blogger elizabeth said...

Well, I definitely noticed the earrings - too cute! Eden is adorable in these pics... I would love to "meet" her (and Collin and Griffin) in person one day. Do you think you'll be in/near Wauchula around Christmas?

7:49 AM


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