Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Collin- My Sweet 3 year old!

One afternoon last week the boys were outside playing. Of course, I can never resist a moment like that- so out came the camera.

I think Collin's initial reaction was something along the lines of "Mom, seriously! Do we have to do this picture thing-AGAIN!"
But secretly, I think he likes it!
Check out that pose!
Ahh-- so handsome!
There's that cute grin! Look how tall he's getting!

Now, it wasn't long before Collin was begging to put on his new hat! These hats have become the standard accessory for every single outfit- whether it's cold outside or not! So, because I think he is so incredibly cute in it- I couldn't resist!
I really like this one! I wonder what he was thinking about!
So, I just sat in the grass and started clicking. I wasn't prompting him to do anything at all...
...not even this! Who could have actually planned something this cute?!

Bill!!!! This must have been for you!
It wasn't long before all that sitting still must have been driving Collin crazy
because it started off with a small little smirk
and turned into this!
My sweet Collin!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! What a fun photo shoot! I love the faces he makes - too cute!!! He is definitely getting taller! I LOVE those hats too - they're very TobyMac-like :) So cute!!!

10:28 PM

Blogger Heather Henderson said...

His eyes are gorgeous!!! Seriously, where did you find those hats? Jack really needs one, I'm sure. I can't believe how handsome he is!!!! Let me know about the hat.

9:47 PM


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