Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday Eden experienced peas for the very first time

Don't they look appetizing?!

Her daddy gave her the first taste, which she wasn't too impressed with to say the least!

After a few more tries she finally cracked a smile...
but, it didn't last for long!
She was tight lipped for the rest of the "meal!" And on various other attempts, she has responded the same way!! So much for peas!

Big Girl = New Seat

Now that Eden is so tall, we've had to upgrade her car seat! It took awhile and a lot of tries by her daddy to find one that worked well in our van, that was a good fit for her and was super safe! Here she is in it- her first ride as a big girl! She loved the view!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

These pics just make me so happy! Maybe it's the bright cheery colors, or perhaps it's the precious little girl- hmmm... you decide!

Eden Grace- 22 Weeks!

Surprisingly, Eden is already 22 weeks old! Because of her double ear infection, all the restless nights and not feeling so hot myself, I almost forgot to take her weekly pictures! In fact, she was already in her pajamas when I realized I needed to pull out the camera for a few shots. Despite her illness, she's still super smiley when she sees that lens coming towards her and is doing so much now. She's lunging forward, trying to pull and sit up, has a tooth that is nearly busting through her gum and has the sweetest laugh you've ever heard. Not to mention, she's growing like a weed! She tipped the scales at 14 lbs 9 oz and is 26.5 inches long!


I always knew Collin could be a ham, but I hadn't ever seen it displayed quite like this before! One evening while I was cleaning him up after dinner, he started making these funny faces at the table. I simply asked him why he never put on such a show for the camera- his response- go get it and I will... so I did! Here is the result:

Then of course, he wanted me in a few-
Oh what fun it is to be 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Collin always talks about giving Eden a million kisses and on this particular day, she seemed willing to accept them all!

Oh yeah, and she gave a few too!!

VBS- Avalanche Ranch!

After a great week at the beach, Rahul and I were ready to kick up our heels for Avalanche Ranch! Rahul taught all of the elementary aged kids in Chadder's Theater, wearing a cowboy hat and bandanna- trust me, his country side was forced to come out!! I taught thirteen 4 year olds- whew! It was an awesome week, but there was one day that stood out to me- all week the children learned about missions and on Wednesday, they made these precious little prayer bears, one for themselves and one for a child in Africa or Argentina. They stuffed the bears, put a heart inside, and included this little card in the pocket on the bear to serve as a reminder that Jesus loves you! Then, they made one for themselves, with the promise to pray for the child who would receive their prayer bear. The children really got it- as we sat and prayed over these bears, even the 4 year olds understood the impact that these stuffed animals might make in the lives of orphans in other countries. Then the children raised over $1,000.00 to send their creations to these children! AWESOME!! Another really cool thing the kids got were Bible buddies- each day the children received a figurine to help them recall the Bible point of the day- the verse of the day is written on the back of each of these characters. It was a fantastic week- tiring, but well worth it- even if everyone in our family ended up sick as a result!

Englewood Family Pictures!

Before we left from our wonderful week of relaxation, we had to capture at least one picture of the entire clan! And although the boys (and I don't mean Collin and Griffin) gave us a fit, these are pictures we'll treasure for a lifetime!

This one is probably more typical of our family! :-)

Gran, surrounded by her grandchildren and great grandchildren

All the girls with Gran

4 generations! This picture is priceless to me!

G.G. (Great Gran) and her great grandchildren

Our Family- you have no idea how hard it is to get three kids to all look at the camera at the same time!

Bill, Dad, Mom and Me- Check out my dad's awesome hair!

All the girls in the family- with their toes painted in various shades of pink

And of course, since I was afraid to paint Eden's, the pink shoes had to do!

Friday at the Beach

Here she is again, our little beach beauty

and napping on the beach - perhaps one of her favorite parts of the week!

Good thing she didn't require a paci this time- as it clearly was out of commission!

Griff and his footprint

It was snowing...sand- thanks to Bill!

More reminders of why I love the beach! Where else can you get a view that's this beautiful?!

Griffin trying to get some water in his bucket!

Me and my Gran- I love this lady!!
Me, Sarah and Gran
Well, after Collin's new found talent - swimming underwater- his eyes took a turn for the worse- so we got him some goggles.
He was so proud of them, until I tried to get a picture of him wearing them!!
He was more comfortable showing me his mad skills!

Kicking off the wall, swimming to Daddy!

Look at him go!

and go

Thumbs up for big boy swimmers!

And finally, a picture of him in his goggles! This is another of my favorites! It makes me smile every single time I see it!