Monday, July 23, 2007

VBS- Avalanche Ranch!

After a great week at the beach, Rahul and I were ready to kick up our heels for Avalanche Ranch! Rahul taught all of the elementary aged kids in Chadder's Theater, wearing a cowboy hat and bandanna- trust me, his country side was forced to come out!! I taught thirteen 4 year olds- whew! It was an awesome week, but there was one day that stood out to me- all week the children learned about missions and on Wednesday, they made these precious little prayer bears, one for themselves and one for a child in Africa or Argentina. They stuffed the bears, put a heart inside, and included this little card in the pocket on the bear to serve as a reminder that Jesus loves you! Then, they made one for themselves, with the promise to pray for the child who would receive their prayer bear. The children really got it- as we sat and prayed over these bears, even the 4 year olds understood the impact that these stuffed animals might make in the lives of orphans in other countries. Then the children raised over $1,000.00 to send their creations to these children! AWESOME!! Another really cool thing the kids got were Bible buddies- each day the children received a figurine to help them recall the Bible point of the day- the verse of the day is written on the back of each of these characters. It was a fantastic week- tiring, but well worth it- even if everyone in our family ended up sick as a result!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

AWESOME! I love it! What a great idea! Too cute!!!

11:26 PM

Blogger Rick & Heather said...

AHHHHH VBS!!! I love the bear idea. How fun! It is amazing to me how young children are so perceptive of what it going on around them and how well they can grasp a concept like prayer. I am sure you guys did an awesome job!

7:38 AM


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