Monday, July 23, 2007

The Fishery

Another one of the traditions that has been started is a family lunch at this quaint little place called The Fishery in Placida. They have some of the most delicious seafood ever! Our family has grown so much that we required about a fourth of the restaurant!

Grammie and the boys walking up to The Fishery

Sarah and Matt- ready for some good eatin'!

Charley was happy about something!

Collin and Griffin enjoying some very greasy onion straws!

Rahul and I enjoyed this twist on Mexican food- see the yummy shrimp in there? It was amazing!

After our lunch, we always take a walk out on the dock

Bill and Griff had a good time looking around...
especially when we spotted all these little crabs moving about!

And of course, the Mommy in me had to stop and take a pic with each of my kids:

Doesn't Eden look like she has a mohawk in this pic?! She seriously needed a bow that day!

There's also a little shop beside the restaurant that we always like to walk through- but it's not exactly the best place for kids, since a portion of it is a gallery with local artists' work displayed- so my mom took Griffin outside and passed the time by taking some pics of him:

I wonder what he was thinking here?!

This pic is so precious to me!

I think he could do some advertising for these people!


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