Monday, July 23, 2007

Englewood Beach Family Vacation- Days 1 - 4

Every year, for as long as I can remember, we've been taking a family vacation to Englewood Beach. Rahul was added to the mix when we got married and ever since we have had our own children, it's been even more memorable. I hope that when they are older, their memories are as fond as my childhood ones!
Of course, you can imagine, that with the entire family- and I mean entire- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents- the works! there are thousands upon thousands of pictures- narrowing it down is a tough job, but these capture the excitement of the first 4 days:

Packed up for a week at the beach, with 3 children, ages three and under!! This took hours to cram, shove and maneuver- but in the end, we got it all to fit- everything that is but the kitchen sink!


Eden enjoying Englewood for the very first time!

Tiny, sandy feet- so precious!


Posing on the beach

Look how tiny she looks!

I just love this pic my mom took!


One of my favorite pictures of Griffin from the week!

Griffin intent on filling up his bucket

Collin and Baboo

Shelby and Eden

Eden would simply not take her bottles inside- she wanted to eat right by the water- every time!! (When we returned from our vacation we discovered she had a double ear infection). This certainly explained her odd behavior!

One of my favorite pics of Collin from the week!

He always waited so patiently for a wave to come up, to fill up his shovel or bucket...

The boys working hard on their castle!


Eden enjoying her time in the water- she loved it!!

Funny faces!

Learning to splash with Mommy!

Rahul and Griffin having lots of fun during pool time! They were practicing holding your breath...
I love Rahul's face in this one...going under!

Coming back up for air!

Sarah getting splashed- BIG TIME!

For some reason, the boys get a kick out of playing shuffleboard! I guess it's not just for retirees after all!!!!

Oh, these are the reasons I love the beach! How beautiful!

Having fun with Daddy in the room before hitting the beach early, early, early in the morning!

Mr. Cool!

Griff and Pop Pop- again!

Eden was super fussy in the room, but whenever we took her out to the beach, she was all smiles. I think she's going to be my beach bum!

Eden still enjoying the beach!!

Random seaweed- It was actually pretty cool- it felt like rubber! And yes, I will take a pic of anything!! :-)

Griffin coming out of the water- this was such a funny sight! He kind of waddled because of the swimmies!

I love these pics of Eden sleeping by the shore!

Pop Pop and Rahul with the boys- one of the many excursions to the water!

Uncle Ouie enjoying the beach!

Baboo and Eden napping to the sounds of the waves!

Gran lounging at the beach!

Griffin and Pop Pop- Splash!


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Those were some great pics! I love that one that your mom took - that was cool! That's funny that Eden only wanted to eat outside... Adam always says that food tastes better outside - maybe Eden thinks so too :)

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