Monday, July 23, 2007

Lots More Catching Up To Do!!!!

These are some really random pictures of Collin, but I had to include them in this catching up session- he was playing quietly in his room, inside of his pillowcase of all things!! I came in, without him knowing, and snapped these pics!

Crawling inside...

Coming out...
Surprised that I had been watching! I just love his expression here!
Collin purchased this really great bubble blower with his own money, along with a Nemo plate and cup for both himself and Griffin (how sweet right?!!) Here was their first time playing with it:

Collin loved the bubbles blowing right in his face!!

Griffin (who still wakes up with the greatest hair dos after naptime!) wasn't so sure about them coming right at his face!

This was much better!! They had such a great time chasing them, popping them and burning off some of that stored up energy!!

Bath time has gotten increasingly fun these days!! The boys love making these great hair dos!


We took a trip to Miami for the weekend, to visit with Sahil and Dadiji- On the way down, we learned how flexible Griffin really is:

And of course, we saw that a four hour car ride can make even the biggest of brothers extra sleepy!

We went to Diego Live while we were there!

Sahul and Griffin and the Baby Jaguar mask!

Collin saying "Growl, Growl"

Eden slept through the whole thing!

Perhaps the BIGGEST event since we've posted is that Collin is completely potty trained! Yes, all those months of attempts, the ups and downs and setbacks finally paid off when he suddenly just "got it!" Seriously, it happened just like that- it clicked in a very random moment and he's been a pro ever since! Grammie had promised him that when he accomplished this potty training milestone, she would take him to Build A Bear- so here you will see that very exciting adventure!!

Trying to pick a bear- or animal-

The selection- funny thing, Collin picked the Reading Bear, without knowing!! My mom works at the Public Library as the children's specialist, and one of Collin's favorite things to do with her is read!! A portion of the costs from this bear went to a children's literacy fund- how cool is that?!!

Getting ready to make the bear...

Watching the bear get stuffed!

The heart that goes inside!

Picking out some clothes! Notice, he went for the Devil Rays outfit!

Posing with the uniform G.G. bought for him! (You'll see a pic later of the costume Grammie got!)

Getting ready to name the bear- Collin quickly informed Grammie that the bear would be "Freddy Teddy Agarwal" This was a shock to us, but later he revealed that the name came from a book he read about a teddy named Freddy. He was keeping with the literacy theme evidently!!

Getting the birth certificate with his daddy!

Posing outside of Build a Bear with Grammie! What a fun trip for such a big boy!


Later in the afternoon, when the mall trip was complete, we came home to hang out for the remainder of the 4th of July- Here are some attempts at taking a few pics of the kids in their red, white and blue! HA!!

All 3 of them!
Griffin, who somehow ended up with a scratch on his face, smiling big!

And Collin posing with Freddy Teddy (AKA Spiderman) thanks to Grammie!!


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Go Collin!!! That's awesome!! I have the reading teddy bear too! :) (I LOVE build-a-bear) :)
I love that pic of Collin when he saw that you were watching him in his pillowcase... that was a great expression on his face!!

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