Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Almost Bad Experience!

Ok, let me explain!

At the rehearsal, Ashley forget to bring Collin's pillow- so he walked down the aisle holding a Bible. Just minutes before the wedding started, he suddenly remembered this and was a bit upset that we were wanting him to carry a pillow instead. (He's our aspiring theologian, so this just fit!) He was completely convinced that he COULD NOT do it without a Bible in hand!

So, Julie, one of the bridesmaids convinced him that the reason there was a ribbon on the pillow was because they had wrapped up a Bible inside! Pretty creative for sure- funny thing is, he bought it- yes, it took a little persuading, but it worked!

Here's Ashley reminding him!

And here he is, getting ready to proudly deliver that "wrapped up Bible" to the groom!

All lined up...

And here they go!


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