Thursday, June 28, 2007

Collin's First Ring Bearer Experience....

Collin was asked to be the ring bearer in Ashley and Jeremy's wedding, two USF students we met through the B.C.M. He was excited to comply when he learned there would be cake involved!! We were a little more concerned about whether he would make it down the aisle with the flower girl! This is how his day started out:

Getting fueled up for the big day!

Getting cleaned up- gotta look sharp in that tux you know!

Getting dressed at the church

Mommy helping him out a little

Proud of the shirt that looks like Daddy's!

Doesn't he look like he's conducting?!

So this picture captures how every guy feels when they have to button that top button!

Here he is- all dressed up- and walking in to show the bride how handsome he looks!

Collin called these shoes his snazzy shoes!

And the waiting begins! At least the pillow is entertaining!

Ok, so the pillow is only intriguing for so long- time to color with the flower girl!


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