Thursday, June 28, 2007

Collin at Cocoa Beach!

A tux + a beach = perfect photo opp! Collin wasn't so sure- after all he'd been up past midnight, worrying about staying in a hotel, without Griffin and Eden, then up by 7 and going strong for the entire day- plus he'd had punch, wedding cake and lots of attention. Add this all up and any parent will know, you'd be lucky to get him to sit still for even one pic- he however, is so used to being in front of the camera, he just went along with it- for awhile....

Of course, it took a little convincing at first!

He spotted the water and I promised him we would get our feet wet before we packed up to go home!

My little model!

This is where we started to lose him- the sand was just far too enticing!

It's all over the tux!!

And since the wind was crazy that day- in his eyes too!

This is where it should have stayed, all over his itty bitty feet! But, he's 3- so tossing it in the air is way more fun!!


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What a Stud!!

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