Monday, July 23, 2007

Englewood Beach Day 5- Woo Hoo!

Here it is, another relaxing memorable day on the beach:

Eden chilling again

Griffin making a pit stop by G.G.'s room for some stickers!
Back down to the beach for more fun!

Collin really wanted to learn how to skip a shell- here was one of his attempts:

Getting ready

Winding up...

Ok, forget skipping, he went for the throw!! Look carefully for the shell!

Shelbs, Griff and Sarah Beara

Pop Pop and Collin having lots of fun together- again!

Griffin did NOT want Bill to let him go!

In fact, he needed a little kiss to make him feel safe again!

Baboo and Griff- you would be amazed how much Griffin looks like his uncle- we'll have to scan in some pics for comparison!!

The boys really wanted to see some dolphins and they had been spotted at this location all week long- however, when we went...
there was nothing...

no matter how hard we looked!
Sarah and Shelby - Some of my favorite cousins!

Another stunning evening on the beach- too bad I don't have a clue who these people are in my pic!


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Those are some great pics!!! That looks like a really fun trip! That last picture is so awesome!

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