Monday, July 23, 2007

More Englewood FUN!

Ok, I am telling you there are literally thousands of pics- so hang on, we are half way through!!

Eden trying to stay hydrated! Well, more like trying to soothe those aching gums by chewing on the bottle!
Up close with 2 of my sweeties!

Here it is again, that Griffin waddle!

Griffin was so tired that he came up from the water, crawled into Grammie's lap and rested for a good bit! I thought it was a priceless moment!

Griffin's sandy foot...
Eden's sandy foot...

And Collin's too of course!

Oh yeah, I couldn't forget mine! There is nothing I love more than my feet in the sand!
Eden's first time in the ocean

Big surprise- She LOVED it!

Sarah bending down to take care of Griffin- I love this pic of her!


While I was up in the room taking care of Eden and Griffin, Rahul had taken Collin to the pool for some swimming lessons- it wasn't too long before I could hear upstairs some excited voices- so I ventured out onto the patio to this sight- my little boy- swimming UNDERWATER!

Daddy was so proud!

Then Collin had to show off his new skills:

Getting ready to go under...
The dive in

Coming up for air and turning around...

headed back to the edge!
WOO HOO for Collin!!


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Go Collin!! That's so cute about Griffin! Adorable!

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