Saturday, March 31, 2007

Collin's Party

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our 3 Sweeties!

I was browsing through some of our pics today and thought it would be fun to look at all 3 of our little ones when they were brand spanking new! Such cuties!!

Collin Isaiah

Griffin Nathanael

Eden Grace

Monday, March 26, 2007

March 23rd = 5 Years!

So, the big day finally arrived! Our official anniversary and the TMNT Movie Rahul has been waiting to see for so long! We knew we were going to be surrounded by kids, but I think we may have been some of the oldest people in that theater! This was confirmed when I got nailed in the back of the head with popcorn about 5 minutes after we sat down to enjoy our very "Romantic" evening out on the town!! However, the movie was a blast!! I recalled watching the cartoons with my cousin Charley and brother Bill- and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed every second of it!

Before leaving for the movie- taking this pic brought back some memories too! We usually pose for our "anniversary" pics in front of an antique door that Rahul brought back from a mission trip just before we were married- but it got left behind in New Orleans after the hurricane- tear, tear- I am not sure Rahul was to disappointed!

5 YEARS!! Rahul noticed that his thumb actually made it look like 6, so we'll have to repeat this pose next year as well!

When I got into the car my gift was waiting on me- I opened up this beautiful leather photo album first- A place to store all our special pics, including the cheesy ones at the top of this post!

WOW! I was certainly not expecting this! I guess it doesn't really need an explanation, except "Don't I have the best husband ever?!"

Ok, so this one does call for an explanation!! Every year we try to follow that traditional gifts list- you know like one year you get paper, one year cotton, etc... But, we always try to put a fun and personal spin on it... Well, on your 5th anniversary you are supposed to get wood. Funny thing is, we both forgot- well sort of- Rahul, at the last second showed me up, by including this WOODEN paint stick in the gift bag- creative? yes! even practical? yes! romantic? certainly not! But that necklace more than made up for it! And, just for a side note, I declared that the wood Houston's uses to cook completely covered up for my forgetfulness! :-)


Two very sweet girls from the BCM watched our kids while we celebrated our anniversary. When they arrived, they had these beautiful purple tulips and a sweet card- with a gift card to go out to eat and a coupon valid for another night of free babysitting! Woo Hoo!! They truly are the best!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

cars, Cars, CARS!!

Collin and Griffin love the movie Cars and we have collected quite an array of the characters (plus a few more) since its debut. They decided on this particular day to have a race with all of the cars and this was the finish line... creative I know!! Once they got them all lined up they wanted me to take a picture of them with the cars and then of the cars. Surprisingly, on this day Collin's OCD had not kicked in- otherwise the cars would have been arranged by both size and color! What fun!

The finishing touches

So proud of their work that they had to show the camera (that's what the pointing is all about)
Here's the line up

...and more cars

all the way into Mommy and Daddy's room!


A friend in seminary gave us a great idea that we started with Collin and followed through with on Griffin too- so naturally it's Eden's turn! They suggested posing your baby with the same stuffed animal, in the same location, once a month for the first year. It's a great way to see how much your sweet one grows. These are the first month pics of Eden with the giraffe that both of her older brothers have posed with so many times! I am not sure she was too enthusiastic about this photo shoot though! Maybe by month two she will have warmed up to the big yellow animal on her side!

Sleep CAN'T Wait!

I guess the hair cut wore Collin out because he couldn't even make it through dinner- I think he took one bite before his head literally crashed in to the table and he was out for the night! If bedtime was only this simple every day!! ha!

As Seen on TV!

Ok, so I know that you've all seen those late night attempts at selling you something odd! Well, sometime ago, we actually fell for one of those commercials and bought the famous "Just A Trim!" But, for the most part, it's been in the box since our big purchase.

It made it's grand entrance out of the packaging just this week when I decided that since the boys so desperately needed a hair cut and Eden is still a bit to young to take out on such an excursion, that I would take matters into my own hands! A little nervous- yes- but all the more determined to remove the mullets my precious boys were developing. So, with towels and alot of prayers, I began the task...
Collin all ready for the big cut- doesn't this look so professional?!

In the middle of the cut- things are getting a little better!
This scene caused Collin a great deal of panic- not to mention the hair that was all over his legs and arms- he declared that he looked like a gorilla!
After his bath and all cleaned up- not to bad, if I must say so myself!

Well, you live and learn. Griffin is not capable of sitting as still as his big brother and I am not as patient to clean up such a huge mess! So... Griffin got to watch the Wiggles for his big cut and I used a garbage bag underneath to catch the mess, rather than a towel.

This is the life! TV and a hair cut- we stole the concept from Cookie Cutters!
At any rate- Griffin was so hard! He kept jumping every time the Just A Trim touched his head, so we had a few little "mess ups..."

...and lots of hair to clean up- again- but all in all it was a success!!

Oddly enough the boys have a great time hanging out in Eden's room- they weren't doing anything special, although Griff looks like he is about to get into some trouble! I just thought they were cute pics! :-)

Brother Time!

The boys love playing with their sister. On this day, Collin wanted to pick out her clothes- complete with the hat, before he and Griffin spent some quality time with their little sis...
Collin's ensemble for Eden


Kiss Time!

Griffin still enjoys waving to Eden

Just hanging out with Eden

Eden is 5 Weeks!

Here she is, our big 5 week old! Surprising how quickly time flies! Eden is certainly no longer a "newborn!" She has long outgorwn her tiny little outfits and is making her way into the 0-3 month phase quite well! She certainly has a sweet little personality, although the doctors suspect that she might be showing some signs of colic! We are praying that this isn't the case!! Still, her sweet little smile and big eyes will melt your heart- any time of the day!

Couldn't pass up at least one pic with the bow!
P.S. Thanks Heather for the precious dress!!

Denim Rocks!

Aunt K.K., Uncle Ouie, Carrie and Matt treated Eden to her first denim dress! We had to pose in it just for them! Check out that awesome head band too!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

First Shoes

Doesn't every little baby girl need a precious pair of pink ballet shoes? Well, Grammie thought so and treated Eden to her first pair, actually long before she was born. Today she wore them for the first time. Her tiny little feet were so precious in them, but in true form, she decided to kick them off! Hmm... I wonder who she gets that from?

Pretty in Pink!

What a sweet face!

Relaxing outside...

Something was funny!