Saturday, March 31, 2007

Collin's Party


Blogger Anthony and Sharon said...

I love the Dora the Explorer backpack he has on playing the Thomas the Train game! Kids are so fun!

6:05 PM

Blogger Annie said...

Well, Collin would want me to "correct" you, it's a Diego backpack, but you got the right family- they're cousins! And, to make it even more interesting, we opened presents on a Cars blanket! So, I guess it was a little more than a Thomas party! It was multi themed! Ha!!

7:50 PM

Blogger What Do You Think said...

haha awesome! Looks like a fun party! I like the scrapbooking fun box thing! How does that work? Did you make them like that online? or did you scan in pages you made already? Very Cool!!

5:45 AM

Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

Oh, so that "what do you think" is me... I was experimenting one day with a blog... I don't even use that... haha I don't know how I was signed in as that one - haha oh well :)

5:46 AM

Blogger Annie said...

Andrea! AKA "What do you think?!"
That scrapbooking thing comes from a website called you can download it to your computer, upload your pics and place them in scrapbook pages, postcards, greeting cards, etc. They are all templates for all occasions- you can even post video in them! Then you just send them out or post them to your blog- It's free too! Unless you don't want ads going with your creation, then it's 1.99 I think~ You should try it out!!

9:36 AM


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