Saturday, March 24, 2007

As Seen on TV!

Ok, so I know that you've all seen those late night attempts at selling you something odd! Well, sometime ago, we actually fell for one of those commercials and bought the famous "Just A Trim!" But, for the most part, it's been in the box since our big purchase.

It made it's grand entrance out of the packaging just this week when I decided that since the boys so desperately needed a hair cut and Eden is still a bit to young to take out on such an excursion, that I would take matters into my own hands! A little nervous- yes- but all the more determined to remove the mullets my precious boys were developing. So, with towels and alot of prayers, I began the task...
Collin all ready for the big cut- doesn't this look so professional?!

In the middle of the cut- things are getting a little better!
This scene caused Collin a great deal of panic- not to mention the hair that was all over his legs and arms- he declared that he looked like a gorilla!
After his bath and all cleaned up- not to bad, if I must say so myself!

Well, you live and learn. Griffin is not capable of sitting as still as his big brother and I am not as patient to clean up such a huge mess! So... Griffin got to watch the Wiggles for his big cut and I used a garbage bag underneath to catch the mess, rather than a towel.

This is the life! TV and a hair cut- we stole the concept from Cookie Cutters!
At any rate- Griffin was so hard! He kept jumping every time the Just A Trim touched his head, so we had a few little "mess ups..."

...and lots of hair to clean up- again- but all in all it was a success!!


Blogger SouthAsiaRocks said...

hahaha! That's awesome! I would have loved to have seen that :) Looks like fun! Are you still finding hair everywhere?? :)

10:26 PM


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