Thursday, August 30, 2007

Traditions- 6 Months!

You would never believe that this was actually my second attempt at taking Eden's 6 month pic with the giraffe! Ever tried to make a newly mobile child sit still! It's a blast! Let's see...
First she wanted to get more comfy since I didn't get her in just the right spot...
Then she got distracted by her hand...
Then the hand of the giraffe!
She decided hers tasted better!Oh and then she saw the camera, which meant, she wanted to touch it!
Next, she wanted to exit the photo shoot because the toys on the floor looked way more exciting!
Then she started singing- can you tell how loud it was by the size of her open mouth?!
After that, she was all into the goofy faces!
Hilarious I know!
Ahhh.... she was all worn out! (And so was I!!)

Happy 6 Months- Half Way to Your Birthday- Eden Grace!

Girls Like Dinos Too!

Collin and Griffin love to play with dinosaurs. Well, it's not just a boy thing anymore! Check out Eden exploring the world of prehistoric creatures!
She knows what to do!!

Eden Turns 28 Weeks!

I will preface this post with a "Yes, I know there are way too many pictures here!" But, I just couldn't pick only one or two. Especially since Eden has really blossomed over the week! So, you'll just have to bear with me as I go on and on about what a big girl she has become!

She's more than just a pro at sitting now! In fact, she can get herself in that position from laying down! Now, that's a big deal for a little girl!

She still enjoys a good laugh!

She enjoys exploring new things- like this pretty, shiny bracelet from her Grammie!
Her personality is shining more than ever!

Her feet aren't so little anymore!

She's got the most kissable lips ever!

She weighs in at 15 lbs. 8 oz. this week - (I only know that because we had to make another run to the doctor because she was just not acting right after all those blasted shots! Not to worry, all is well)

Even though she won't show you, her daddy discovered her first tooth broke through her gums this week!
She's learned to take the time to stop and smell the flowers! (I couldn't resist!)
She's also a professional crawler! She can go, go, go! Clearly, I wasn't ready for her to grow up quite this quickly!! What a blessing she is in our lives!

Growing Up!

One night this week we caught Eden doing this! We were actually eating dinner and she was supposed to be going to sleep. In deed, she found something else to do with her time...
So, after a rush into the room to make sure she was safe, we grabbed the camera to document her big achievement. As you can tell, she was very proud!

However, this new skill meant lots of work for us! The mattress had to be lowered, bumper pad removed- the whole nine yards!
Then, we had to see how Eden would react to her new big girl crib!She had to learn there was nothing there to protect her head- which meant a couple run ins with the slats!

Daddy was there for moral support!
After awhile, she figured it out!Again, she was so proud- that or her Daddy's jokes were really funny!
But of course, all good things must come to an end, especially when you're really, really tired!

Just so you know...

Ok, it was probably wrong of me to take this pic to begin with and probably even more pitiful that I'm posting it- but I thought it was only fair to let everyone know that life isn't always a piece of cake here in our house. Eden's a doll, but she has her sad moments too. This is one of her, "Mommy, why did you have to put me down" moments! It has to do with that early separation anxiety thing we're experiencing in our house right now- so this picture is really a reminder to pray for us! There's lots to be done with three little ones- and with a sweet baby who doesn't want me to leave the room, it can sometimes be tough. Just so you know... I did pick her up, as quickly as I put the camera down- wiped away those tears, cuddled, hugged, sang and kissed my sweet little angel! It worked like a charm!

Grand Green Beans!

Well, we've reached the end of the stage one veggies- last on the list- green beans! I wasn't real sure what to expect, but I was certain it would be a grand adventure!

The first bite
"I think I'll give you a hand Mommy!"
"See what a big girl I am!"
"I can even wipe the parts that drip!"
"And put the excess back in my mouth!"
"You're proud of me! I just know it!"
She loved them! Can you tell?
"Ha! Look at this mess you have to clean up!"