Thursday, June 28, 2007

Collin at Cocoa Beach!

A tux + a beach = perfect photo opp! Collin wasn't so sure- after all he'd been up past midnight, worrying about staying in a hotel, without Griffin and Eden, then up by 7 and going strong for the entire day- plus he'd had punch, wedding cake and lots of attention. Add this all up and any parent will know, you'd be lucky to get him to sit still for even one pic- he however, is so used to being in front of the camera, he just went along with it- for awhile....

Of course, it took a little convincing at first!

He spotted the water and I promised him we would get our feet wet before we packed up to go home!

My little model!

This is where we started to lose him- the sand was just far too enticing!

It's all over the tux!!

And since the wind was crazy that day- in his eyes too!

This is where it should have stayed, all over his itty bitty feet! But, he's 3- so tossing it in the air is way more fun!!

Daddy and Collin

This is my favorite!

Mommy and Collin

Sweet, sweet kisses from my oldest boy!

Getting a little snuggle time on the beach!

After the Pics!

This is what I promised Collin we would do- after he attempted to sit still for some tux pics on the beach! We had so much fun playing in the water and ended up pretty wet- No, soaked! before we left!

Party Time= Reception

Boys will be boys!

Say Cheese!

Bubble time

Waiting patiently for the cake- check out that face!

Carrying it so carefully to the table!

Getting a little last minute advice on how to catch the garter!

Look how close he was!!

One of the funniest things that he said after the fact, was that he wanted to catch that garter because in his own words
"I really want to marry Ashleigh Plunkett"- the girl who caught the bouquet! How funny is that?

More Wedding Pics- Again!

What can I say, a kid in a tux is irresistible! I just couldn't stop clicking!

Collin's "O.C.D." coming out! He just HAD to pick up those petals!

Giving a hug!

I just love their faces here!

And these faces too!! (This is Jordan- a BCM guy, who Collin faithfully prays for every night!)

Just Hanging Out...

You know all that waiting that happens after weddings, when pictures are being taken of the happy couple? Well, Collin certainly had no problem finding things to do! He was in fact, putting on a show- let's see drop kicking the pillow (or at least pretending too), dancing with his Daddy (I know, in a Southern Baptist Church- oops!), and hanging out with the groomsmen laughing and cutting up- these are some of my favorite memories from those really funny moments:

Where's the BIBLE?!

Remember what everyone was telling Collin, about that hidden Bible? Well, he didn't forget! After the ceremony, he started trying to unwrap it! By the end of the day the bow was completely off, but somehow he forgot about his mission- I think it was the wedding cake- what better distraction?!

The Almost Bad Experience!

Ok, let me explain!

At the rehearsal, Ashley forget to bring Collin's pillow- so he walked down the aisle holding a Bible. Just minutes before the wedding started, he suddenly remembered this and was a bit upset that we were wanting him to carry a pillow instead. (He's our aspiring theologian, so this just fit!) He was completely convinced that he COULD NOT do it without a Bible in hand!

So, Julie, one of the bridesmaids convinced him that the reason there was a ribbon on the pillow was because they had wrapped up a Bible inside! Pretty creative for sure- funny thing is, he bought it- yes, it took a little persuading, but it worked!

Here's Ashley reminding him!

And here he is, getting ready to proudly deliver that "wrapped up Bible" to the groom!

All lined up...

And here they go!

More Wedding Pics!

The Church

Collin with the bride
And with all the guys

And posing for his mom outside