Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Popped Collar

If any of our children ever have on a collared shirt it inevitably gets popped- by a BCM student, a cousin, an uncle, or a Dad! So, I couldn't help but take a few pics with it like that- on purpose!

The Missing Hair Bow!

Well, it didn't take long for the hair bow question to come up... as in - "Where was it?!"

Here is your answer:


It was a brand new outfit that actually came with a matching off white hair bow- Something I have not been able to find anywhere else! Anyways, when I took it out of the packaging I thought it looked a bit odd- I tried it on Eden laying down and quickly saw that it was a little too BIG!! After a lot of attempts, I just tossed it out and figured it was more important to see her big beautiful eyes!!

The Big 1-5 !

Well, here we go again- the weekly update. Eden is officially 15 weeks old! Whew, time is flying by! She still hasn't mastered the rolling thing, although she works so hard to do it. She loves to chew on her hands, grab her toys, coo and laugh, drool and slobber and smile, smile, smile! She hasn't been up to her normal self this week, although the pics would never show it- Please be in prayer for Eden as her reflux is getting much worse. We have an appointment with the Gastrointestinal Dr. scheduled for June 8th and we hope to get some help for her then!

Backyard Fun!

Another normal fun day in the backyard...



Ok, so I had to post these on here for Rahul- You see that Collin is becoming quite the XBOX player! Ha!! He was playing the Bible Game (the only one he is allowed to play, besides DDR) and actually gave his Daddy, Baboo and Shelbs a run for their money a few times! He certainly did not get his coordination from his mommy!! :-)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Silly Sunday's!

After church on Sunday, Eden spent some time just hanging out with her Baboo and Grammie...

Bill really enjoys messing with the kids like this when they are babies!

Here's his other favorite thing to do! Making them "talk!"

Eden didn't mind, she's always up for some fun!

And some drool...

... some gnawing...

... and some laughing!

And of course, kissing is always on her list of enjoyable things to do as well!

A Family Celebration

The Birthday Boy!

The Family Pic

The Girls

Griffin's 2nd Birthday Party

Griffin taking it all in

A Car's Party!

Andrea- this pic is for you- I just wish I would have cut into it so you could really see it- Don't worry though, we indulged on your behalf!

The Cake Creators! ha!!

Mommy- Griffin- Daddy

Blowing out the candle

Enjoying that yummy cake!

Open WIDE!
All that hard work- gone!

Look at my messy hands!

Check it out- the cake made it in his hair and on his clothes too!!

At least we know he enjoyed it!

Collin thought he looked pretty funny!

Party Hats!

There are 2 ways to wear your party hat!

Like this ... (A.K.A.- The Normal Way)


Like this ... (ummm... we'll just call it the Uncle Donnie way!)