Monday, April 30, 2007

New Shades

The boys sporting their new glasses from Aunt K.K., Uncle Ouie, Matt and Carrie!

Pretty Dress- Pretty Girl!

After church one Sunday in April- She was so cute and happy, I couldn't resist taking some pics!

Party Time

The BCM had their end of the year party and the kids were eager to go as soon as they found out. It was one of Eden's first trips to meet everyone and there were a few students who were eagerly awaiting her arrival! In fact, I am not sure that she really ever left their arms the entire night! The boys had fun too! They always love hanging out with the big guys!
Eden waiting to go meet some new friends at the BCM!

Katie and Eden

Ashleigh and Eden

All smiles!

Having fun with Daddy!

Not sure why these two were in charge of the cooking- which includes fire and sharp utensils!!

This is what happens when no one checks the gas in the grill before trying to feed loads of people!

Admiring Eden...again!

Eden getting held.... some more!!

Collin and the girls!

Brushing up on his skills with Magic Matt

Getting a good view with Tyler - or as he calls him, Mr. Tile!

Griffin and Gordo playing a little ball!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Catching Up on Those ZZZZZ's!

The girls needed a nap big time!

Free Food!

We stopped by the newly constructed Cheesecake Factory to get a gift card for Rahul's Adminstrative Assistant- We've been keeping an eye on the place, because we LOVE their amazing cheesecakes, yet we weren't even sure if they were open yet. Come to find out, it was a training night for their staff, by invitation only... BUT... someone didn't show up for their time slot and they offered it to us! So, we ate an incredible meal for free! How random is that!? We got these special menus with little scenarios and questions to ask the staff, with exactly what to order and places for comments. It was a blast, as you can see the boys enjoyed the food too! It was especially comical when dessert was served- Griffin kept sliding the plate towards him, so no one else could reach- funny for a kid who doesn't have a sweet tooth! That's how you know it's good!! That and the fact that the boys were wearing their dinner too! Oh, and as you can also see, Eden slept through the entire event... thank goodness, since we were in there almost 2 hours- yeah, there was a little tweeking that needed to be done on their end. All in all, what an awesome surprise!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eden A.K.A. Pebbles!

Ok, so this might be cruel, but come on, with such fun hair, how could a mom resist? At least I didn't go true Flinstone style - with a bone! And, just to ease your minds, I did not take her out in public like this!!

Daddy's Little Princess...

Daddy's Little Princess...Enough said!

Teeth Brushing Times Two!

Whatever Collin does, Griffin is sure to follow. So, when it was time for Collin's teeth brushing tonight, it was easy to guess where Griffin would be. Funny thing is, they should have reversed the stools they were using. Poor Griffin could barely see over the sink, but judging from their expressions, I don't think that either of them cared!

3 things to take note of here- 1.) Collin's hair! 2.) Look closely in the mirror- that's a light up toothbrush!! 3.) Collin was doing the booty shake (see earlier post), while brushing his teeth- talk about multi tasking!

Who Ever Said...

...Spaghetti was for eating, never met Griffin!

Pasta and Noodles, it's all the rage in Spring Fashion!

Mickey's New Profession!

You say you never pegged Mickey as a one shoed baseball player? Think again! And I have the pictures to prove it!
Getting ready for the big game- which today happens to be indoors!

Showing off the glove!

Getting the game face ready!

Awww man!

Did I really miss that ball?

Just kidding!

Wait, don't hit that ball! I'll miss it again for sure!


Well, I have always wondered who these silly warnings were for- I mean come on!

Until now!

Clearly they were made for our family-

or at least for Griffin

Who seemed to find this way to entertaining for his own good!