Monday, April 30, 2007

Party Time

The BCM had their end of the year party and the kids were eager to go as soon as they found out. It was one of Eden's first trips to meet everyone and there were a few students who were eagerly awaiting her arrival! In fact, I am not sure that she really ever left their arms the entire night! The boys had fun too! They always love hanging out with the big guys!
Eden waiting to go meet some new friends at the BCM!

Katie and Eden

Ashleigh and Eden

All smiles!

Having fun with Daddy!

Not sure why these two were in charge of the cooking- which includes fire and sharp utensils!!

This is what happens when no one checks the gas in the grill before trying to feed loads of people!

Admiring Eden...again!

Eden getting held.... some more!!

Collin and the girls!

Brushing up on his skills with Magic Matt

Getting a good view with Tyler - or as he calls him, Mr. Tile!

Griffin and Gordo playing a little ball!


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Cool :) Looks like a lot of fun :) Looks like all the kids had a blast!!

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