Friday, December 08, 2006

Saying Good Bye to Walt!

This is another of my favorite pics of the day- Collin was standing looking at the castle and just taking in the surroundings- I thought it must be so neat to see it all through the eyes of a 2 year old!

Rahul and Griffin- who was so tired and hot he had lost his shoes and was gladly ready to call it a day, despite all the fun he had experienced!!

Sites of the Day

These were a few random sites from the day- Rahul and Collin riding on Aladdin's Magic Carpet (while Griffin continued his nap of course)- the castle- Pooh and Tigger, a glimpse at one of the boys' favorite rides- and the parade, with Collin excitedly waving and talking to all of the characters! What fun!

Meeting More Friends

Well, another day brought about the chance to meet many more friends! Collin had a blast meeting the stars of Aladdin , although he's never seen the movie! We joked that he looked like a natural heir to the throne- or at least like he was posing with family when he got up close to Aladdin and Jasmine! Griffin was too sleepy and too hot to even take notice to what was going on! Meeting Pooh was a little more up Griff's alley though, at least he didn't bury his head in fright! While Griffin was playing shy, Collin was helping Tigger perfect his bounce. And of course, for my favorite pic of the day... Collin posing with new found buddies- Rafiki and Timon! What a ham!

Disney - Day 2!

Day 2 started out with a boat ride over to the Magical World of Disney! As you can clearly see, Griffin was so excited he could hardly stand it! Right away we ran into Mickey and Minne and of course, had to stop for a family photo!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Since we had park hopper passes, we ended day one at Epcot. Collin and Griffin both like Nemo and we heard there was a super funny presentation with Crush- it was in fact hilarious! I think that we laughed so hard we cried! After interacting with Crush, the boys had a chance to see all of the sea creatures from the movie, to climb inside the jaws of a shark and to pose with Nemo himself- again, Griffin just wasn't so sure!

"The Meeting"

Collin and Griffin meeting lots of different characters- Griffin of course was not so sure about the whole thing! A theme that ran true for the duration of our trip! However, Collin wasn't scared at all. More than once he was face to face with these friendly characters - and he loved every minute of it!!

The REAL Reason

Well, it has been revealed- the reason for our trip to Orlando. You guessed it- The Wiggles! Both Collin and Griffin have such a blast dancing and singing with them! So, when we saw they were going to be in concert, we knew we had to take the boys. Sadly, Collin's favorite Wiggle, Greg was sick and they had to use his understudy (we have now learned he will be leaving the Wiggles due to this illness) :-( Still, Collin had a great time- as did Griffin! You can see how excited he was!! Collin spent some time afterwards waiting on an autograph from the Wiggles thanks to his daddy and a really nice employee- he was twirling the confetti that fell down during the closing act. I honestly think he held on to that orange streamer for most of the day. This was clearly the highlight of the entire trip!!

Day One- MGM Studios

Day one of our journey to Disney started at MGM Studios- while it was great fun to see the stars of Cars, to climb lightposts and to enjoy being a kid again- we were really there for one reason only... soon you'll see!