Thursday, December 07, 2006

The REAL Reason

Well, it has been revealed- the reason for our trip to Orlando. You guessed it- The Wiggles! Both Collin and Griffin have such a blast dancing and singing with them! So, when we saw they were going to be in concert, we knew we had to take the boys. Sadly, Collin's favorite Wiggle, Greg was sick and they had to use his understudy (we have now learned he will be leaving the Wiggles due to this illness) :-( Still, Collin had a great time- as did Griffin! You can see how excited he was!! Collin spent some time afterwards waiting on an autograph from the Wiggles thanks to his daddy and a really nice employee- he was twirling the confetti that fell down during the closing act. I honestly think he held on to that orange streamer for most of the day. This was clearly the highlight of the entire trip!!


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