Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cuddle Time With Daddy!

How precious is this?!

The Littlest Fan!

Well, it's simply never to early to start!! Go Noles!

Celebrating Eden at One Week!

Here she is the big girl- one week old!
Collin is totally smitten with Eden Grace!

Griffin admiring his little sister!

Eden and Mommy

One Week Already!

Can you believe that Eden is already one week old? It seems like just yesterday we welcomed her into the world. Now, we are learning more about her every day and life just wouldn't be the same without her! She has made quite an impact on our family and we are so blessed that God has given us this precious little one to care for and to watch grow!
Eden Grace- Growing Bigger Every Day!

Sweet little hands!

Precious little smiles too!

My First "Bath"

Getting Prepared...

Hey Mom, "I wasn't ready for that!"

"Ok, this isn't so bad after all!"

Getting my toes all clean!

"Whew, baths can be so relaxing"

"Even getting your hair washed...

...and dried isn't so bad!"

"I'm all cleaned up - I just need a hair do!"


"We settled on the comb over or in this case, the brush over"

"Now that my bath time is complete, it's on too more exciting things, like chilling in my crib!"

Shoes and Shirt Required?

For some reason, Griffin was completely opposed to wearing this shirt! He worked quite diligently to get it off, unsnapping the bottom and slowly working it down- however, he was easily distracted by Thomas the Train and as always was eager to squeeze in a "dance move" just for fun!

Dadiji Visits Too...

Dadiji came for a quick visit too... she even brought Eden a pretty pink rug for her room!
More pics of that to come later...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Boy Time With Baboo

Collin and Baboo watching some "boy t.v." before Bill's return to Tally

Here she is sleeping again...

A new sleeping position...

A precious profile...

Hand in Hand with Mommy!

Before Baboo Left

We had to have a quick photo session before Baboo left to go back to Tally... and we had to do it in purple- not pink- a request that Rahul and Bill have been making!! I guess though they'll have to get used to pastels, flowers and ruffles- especially those in all shades of pink!

Brotherly Love!

Sweet glances from 2 very proud brothers!

Followed by sweet kisses!


Baboo seemed to be inspecting every inch of Eden - from her tiny hands to her tiny feet...

I think he must have concluded that she was near perfection!

Bow Time!

Eden posing with her big bow!

Snuggle time with Mommy!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Play Time

Eden had a great time playing on the floor with her Mommy and Aunt K.K. She even cracked a few precious smiles for us!

Meeting the Family!

Saturday was a busy day- meeting lots of new faces!
Cousin "Sarah Beara"

Cousin "Shelby Girl"

Aunt Doe

Aunt K.K.

Cousin Carrie